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Northwest Center for Organizational Research

Image of the Practical Guide for New Managers book cover

Center faculty finished work on The Handbook: A Practical Guide For Managers in 2012. The Handbook introduces several principles for new professionals to live by. These principles are based off both theory and real-world expertise.


From ethical collapses in corporate America, the rise of competitors such as the Asian Tigers and the BRIC nations and the recent effects of financialization the time to utilize "best" and ethical management practices has never been more critical. As organizations struggle to stay afloat and maximize operational efficiencies while balancing ethical considerations of stakeholders, academics who have possible solutions struggle themselves for a platform to disseminate what may be useful information related to ethical leadership. This is evident by the high number of academics seeking to publish on this topic with a low percentage of practicing managers drawing on the information.


The Northwest Center for Organizational Research (NWCOR) exists to advance the understanding, practice and development of managerial leadership methods that are both ethical and optimal for organizational performance.


Established by the CWU College of Business, the Northwest Center for Organizational Research will be a leader in researching and disseminating answers to questions on ethical leadership and management of organizations. The NWCOR has the following goals:

To establish a close partnership between academia and industry.

To address critical ethical leadership and management issues "real time" by providing practical managerial implications to academic research at CWU.

To collaborate on research projects related to ethical leadership and management with the corporate community.

To provide networking opportunities with academia, practitioners, and students.

To increase the involvement and visibility of the College of Business across industries.

To provide opportunities for student interaction and involvement (i.e., internships, employment) with organizations and professionals.

Organizational Structure

Director: The Director is responsible for the establishment and continuous development of the Center. The Director reports to the Dean of the College of Business.

Associate Director: The responsibility of the Associate Director is to assist the Director with the continuous development of the NWCOR. The Associate Director reports to the Dean of the College of Business.

Director: Dr. Chase Thiel, Assistant Professor of Management
Associate Director: TBD

Contributing Researchers

Dr. Chase Thiel, Director
Published Briefings 

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