CWUBusiness NewsBusiness News Business Alumnus, Mark A. Mone, named UW Milwaukee Chancellor!, 20 Dec 2014 13:33:58<h2>Mark A. Mone named new UW-Milwaukee Chancellor</h2><p style="text-align: center;"><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 300px; height: 450px;"></p><p>Monday, December 15, 2014</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.4;">MADISON, </span>Wis<span style="line-height: 1.4;">. – The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents today approved the appointment of Dr. Mark A. </span>Mone<span style="line-height: 1.4;"> as the next chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.</span></p><p>Mone has served as the interim chancellor at UW-Milwaukee since May, following the departure of former Chancellor Michael Lovell. He will step into his new leadership post immediately.</p><p>Mone is a professor of management within the UWM Lubar School of Business and for the past two years has served as the Chancellor’s Designee for Strategic Planning and Campus Climate. The latter is a cabinet-level appointment in which Mone works with the university’s senior leadership and governance groups, and all university stakeholders to develop UW-Milwaukee’s 2020 strategic plan, and to develop and implement university-wide programs to improve organizational climate.</p><p>Mone has been a member of the UW-Milwaukee faculty since 1989, serving for more than 15 years as the Lubar School of Business Associate Dean for Executive Education and Business Engagement.&nbsp; His responsibilities involved external relations for the Lubar School, including partnerships with business, medical, legal, government, and not-for profit organizations. Mone was also responsible for the Executive MBA program, the longest running program of its kind in Wisconsin; career services; and other financial and marketing functions.</p><p>“We are very pleased to look to one of our own bright talents, Dr. Mark Mone, as the committee’s choice to lead this university into the future,” said Regent President Michael Falbo, chair of the special Regents committee that interviewed the finalists with UW System President Ray Cross.&nbsp; “His academic experience and expertise in building relationships with businesses, governments, and communities are a great fit with the university’s commitment to quality, access, and economic development.”</p><p>Other members of the special committee that recommended Mone included Regents José Delgado, Margaret Farrow, Eve Hall, and Charles Pruitt, all from the Milwaukee area.</p><p>“Dr. Mone is an impressive educational leader and he is clearly enthusiastic about UW-Milwaukee and all of its strengths and potential,” said UW System President Ray Cross. “Vitally important, he has strong connections with business leaders across the country, and he has a keen understanding of the role our UW institutions play as developers of the high-impact talent necessary to move Wisconsin forward. I am confident Mark has the vision, talent, and experience to guide UW-Milwaukee as it enters a new era.”</p><p>“I am honored and privileged to serve our students, faculty and staff, community, and UW System in this role,” Mone said.&nbsp; “UW-Milwaukee is a vitally important academic institution with an impressive alumni base, strong research profile, and deep community engagements.&nbsp; I look forward to working with our leadership to build on our past accomplishments, knowing that even greater things are ahead for this campus and community.”</p><p>Mone holds a Ph.D. in management (organizational behavior and organization theory) from Washington State University. He earned a master of business administration degree from Idaho State University, and his bachelor’s degree in organizational management with an English minor from Central Washington University.</p><p>“I am confident that Mark understands the needs of our campus, as well as how new resources and flexibilities would allow us to make even greater contributions to Southeastern Wisconsin and the entire State.&nbsp; I know as Chancellor he will do everything in his power to carry that message, and I look forward to working with him,” said Dr. Mark D. Schwartz, Distinguished Professor in UW-Milwaukee’s Geography department, chair of the Faculty Senate Executive (University) Committee, and chair of the campus’ 27-member search-and-screen committee.</p><p>Mone will be UW-Milwaukee’s ninth chancellor, succeeding Michael R. Lovell, who announced last March that he had accepted a position as president of Marquette University. Lovell had served as the university’s top administrator since 2010.</p><p>In line with market-based compensation guidelines approved by the Board of Regents in October 2013, Mone will earn $340,000 as chancellor.</p><p>Mone and his wife, Sara, have two children.</p><p>UW-Milwaukee will host a news conference to present the new chancellor at 2 p.m. CST today in the Fireside Lounge in the Student Union.&nbsp; The news conference will be live streamed at:</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p></p></p style="text-align: center;"></span style="line-height: 1.4;"></span style="line-height: 1.4;"></span style="line-height: 1.4;">CWU Accounting Alumna Earns Key Role: Karen Hamel Named New CWU Financial Manager, 18 Dec 2014 10:01:32<p style="text-align: center;"><br><a href=""><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 250px; height: 344px;"></a></p><p>Karen Hamel has been named the primary financial manager for the president’s and operation’s divisions at CWU. Her duties include managing the ongoing budgets for major departments of the university, including Athletics, University Advancement, Human Resources, Information Services, and the Operations Office.</p><p>“We are very proud to have Karen Hamel named as our new budget manager,” said George Clark, CWU’s chief financial officer. “Her wide breadth of experience prepares her well for this new role and we’re so excited to have her on the team!”</p><p>Hamel has a bachelors in accounting from CWU and more than ten years of service in governmental and non-profit accounting. She has served in this position for the interim since last May and as a budget analyst since March 2013. Prior to CWU, Hamel was in financial management and auditing for Kittitas County Government, the Washington State Auditor’s Office, and for Bright Beginnings, a non-profit organization providing services to families in Kittitas County.</p><p>In her new role, Hamel will report to the director of budgets providing financial reporting, budget development, and planning. She is also the primary liaison between the divisions she serves and the university’s budget, accounting, and business offices.</p><p>For more information, please contact Jackie O'Ryan at:</p><p></p></p style="text-align: center;"></br>CWU beats UW, WWU, PSU to win 2014 Boeing Supply Chain Case Competition, 18 Dec 2014 09:48:44<p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 500px; height: 375px;"></p><p>The CWU team represented by Danielle Brandli, Randy Rodriguez, Rebecca Duhamel, David Piekarczyk and Kayla Lockhart won the 2nd Annual Boeing Northwest Business Case Competition against teams from University of Washington, Western Washington University and Portland State University on 14th November, 2014. The case was based on improving Boeing’s Supply Chain to help deliver their latest model of airplanes to their customers without incurring penalties on late deliveries. Each team had 20 minutes to present their analysis to senior executives from Boeing at the Future of Flight museum. This was followed by 10 minutes of intense Q&amp;A. The teams were judged on both their technical and presentation skills. The winners won a cash prize of $1,000.00, interview for internship / entry level positions, if eligible, and an exclusive VIP tour of the Everett factory. Prior to the final round, four teams from CWU including three from the Ellensburg campus and one from the Des Moines campus participated in the intra-university face-off on November 4, 2014.</p>November Is the Month of Giving, 05 Nov 2014 14:14:59<p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 200px; height: 200px; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; float: left;">Dear Campus Community,</p><p>November is the month of giving.</p><p>I hope you will join me in celebrating and participating in the Washington State Combined Fund Drive (CFD). This statewide project leverages millions for local communities. Our contributions to CFD can support the work we hold most important anywhere in the state.</p><p>Both active and retired Washington State public employees may participate in this program, the fourth largest public employee giving program in the nation. About 5,000 individuals pledge more than $5 million each year, benefitting more than 3,800 local, national and global charities. Those are big numbers and CWU's participation can make them even bigger.</p><p>Making a donation is easy. Simply follow this link; Just choose from the list of participating organizations and pledge your 2014 CFD contribution. If you prefer, fill out a contribution form and take it to the CWU Department of Human Resources in Bouillon Hall. CFD makes giving easy by allowing monthly, recurring and limited-time contributions. You can even write a personal check or authorize payroll deductions through the CWU payroll system. You decide what works best for you.</p><p>Some CWU employees are already giving their time to this effort. Special thanks go to the CWU Giving Committee:</p><p>Michelle Adams &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;Stephanie Harris&nbsp;&nbsp; Leona Lindvig<br>Joseph Bryant &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Linda Huber &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Melody Madlem<br>Edna Comedy (Chairperson) &nbsp; &nbsp; Drue Larson &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Charity McCright<br>Sarah Feeney&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Claire Layman &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Tracy Plouse<br>Lindsey Ulrich</p><p>Remember:&nbsp; The amount you give isn’t what’s important. Every dollar helps support important community services. Help CWU reach 100-percent participation in CFD this year. With your help, we can do it!</p><p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 138px; height: 61px;"><br>James L. Gaudino<br>President</p><p>&nbsp;</p></br></br></br></br></br></br>2014 Distinguished Alumna Julia Christophersen, 05 Nov 2014 11:01:23<p><br><a href=""><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 500px; height: 291px;"></a></p><p>Six Central Washington University graduates who exemplify the Wildcat spirit were recognized at the annual Distinguished Alumni Awards ceremony during homecoming week.</p><p>Distinguished Alumna Julia Christophersen graduated in 1995 with a degree in business administration with a specialty in marketing and finance. She is chief ecommerce officer for GreaterGood, a network of websites, stores and causes that make it easy for people to donate to various charities that serve people, animals and the planet.</p><p>“Small actions online matter, creating real results for the greater good,” Christophersen said, adding that the company has given more than $30 million to nonprofit charities since 1999.</p><p>Christophersen’s career has taken her to the Amazon to see thousands of acres her company helped purchase from a poacher; to China where she’s worked with a woman-owned factory for the past four years; and to Thailand to see animal shelters her company helped build to rescue dogs from the meat trade.</p><p>“The business classes here at Central helped me prepare for my career ahead,” Christophersen said.</p><p><a href="">See the complete speech here.</a></p></br>CWU Business Associate Professor, James Avey, keynote address 2014 Convocation, 29 Sep 2014 09:31:50<p>CWU Business Associate Professor, James Avey, gave a motivational keynote address at the annual CWU new student Convocation. The 2014 Convocation was held at Nicholson Pavilion on Tuesday, September 23. <img style="width: 500px; height: 333px;" alt="" src="/business/sites/">&nbsp;;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>CWU Professor Receives National Award for Internet Hacking Article, 13 Aug 2014 09:21:52<p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 155px; height: 203px; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px; float: left;">"Will the Hackers Win the Battle?” asked Robert Holtfreter in his award-winning article about external hackers and their effect on financial fraud. Holtfreter, professor of accounting and research at Central Washington University’s College of Business, received the Lybrand Certificate of Merit, a national research award from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) for an outstanding contribution to accounting literature. Holtfreter was honored at the IMA’s 95th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota this past June. Adrian Harrington, a former student in Holtfreter’s Fraud Examination course, co-authored the article.</p><p>Holtfreter was surprised when he received word that he had been selected for the award. “You don’t expect something like this,” he said.</p><p>Holtfreter’s article was published in the January 2014 issue of <em>Strategic Finance</em>, the award-winning journal of the IMA. It was “one of the best articles of the year” according to Kathy Williams, vice president and editor-in-chief of the IMA. This is the first time Holtfreter has been on the cover of <em>Strategic Finance</em>.</p><p>“Fraud is interesting and exciting,” Holtfreter said. “The field is constantly evolving and it won’t stop changing.” He has written approximately 60 peer-reviewed articles over the past five years that focus on financial fraud, mainly in the identity theft and cybersecurity areas. “Cybersecurity is a significant world-wide problem and identity theft is the biggest problem in the fraud area.”</p><p>Holtfreter has always brought his fascination into the classroom. He teaches multiple courses on fraud detection and prevention at CWU as part of the accounting major. Holtfreter has students create presentations using his articles in the identity theft/cyber security areas and plans for them to make presentations to the public and also gives them the opportunity to assist him in his research by analyzing emerging fraud problems.</p><p>“I warn them before hand that the work load is heavy, but ‘do-able’,” Holtfreter said. “I don’t ask if they want to help, I give students the choice to help.”</p><p>In his spare time, Holtfreter serves as the Identity Theft Prevention Analyst for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and writes for their journal, the <em>Fraud Magazine</em>. Holtfreter is also a member of their Editorial Advisory Committee and serves on the Advisory Council for the Gerson Lehrman Group, the largest equity research organization in the world. He also&nbsp;is a consultant for their clients, many of which are the biggest hedge and mutual funds on Wall Street.</p><p>“I want to let people know what they can do to protect themselves,” Holtfreter said. “The reason why I write is to educate the community.”</p><p>Read Holtfreter’s article <a href="">here</a>.&nbsp;</p><p>Media Contact: Valerie Chapman-Stockwell, Public Affairs, 509-963-1518,<br>Written by Scott Kazmi, Public Affairs Intern, 509-963-1295,<br>&nbsp;</p></br></br>Proposal for School in Vietnam Wins Business Plan Competition, 21 May 2014 13:11:07<p>A Central Washington University student’s proposal to build a private school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam won first place in last week’s business plan competition at SOURCE, the Symposium on University Research and Creative Expression. A plan to build a brewpub with an attached theater won second place, and a planned cafe and brewpub won third place.</p><p>SOURCE is an annual university wide forum where research, scholarship and creative projects of all disciplines are showcased. The business plan competition is sponsored by CWU’s Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I4IE). A total of $10,000 from the Herbert B. Jones Foundation is awarded to the top three business plans.</p><p>CWU student Tyler Van Sickle won $5,000 for his idea to open The Trung Institute of English. Van Sickle said there is an increased demand for English-speaking workers in Vietnam. The Trung Institute will be a private school with certified teachers trained in the Pacific Northwest. The institute, Van Sickle says, will prepare students for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Vietnamese citizens must achieve a minimum level of English proficiency to earn a high school diploma. The initial investment for construction and operation is $300,000. Van Sickle expects high returns on tuition and uniform sales, and says once the first school is successful, the model will be duplicated throughout Vietnam.</p><p>Alex Dahlin won $3,000 for his Yeah Buddy Brewpub and Theater planned for downtown Ellensburg. With beers such as a Cascadian dark ale named Mel’s Hole and a simple menu of pizza and salads, the brewpub plans to offer a fun and entertaining atmosphere. Estimated startup costs are $453,000. Dahlin hopes profit for the first year of business to be $168,600.</p><p>Ryan Brookart won $2,000 for his Wildcat Café and Brewpub planned on the CWU campus. He envisions a place where students of CWU’s craft beer program can apply what they are learning in the classroom. Live entertainment and events also will be on tap during late-night hours.</p><p>Members of the I4IE advisory group, the Kittitas County Chamber of Commerce, and a regional entrepreneur served as judges for the business plan competition. The judges are Roy Savoian, director of the I4IE; Vince Bryan, a retired neurosurgeon and owner of the Cave B Estate Winery in Quincy; David Greenslade, technology commercialization manager for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland; Kathleen Horner, owner of Horner Strategic Planning and Marketing in Roslyn and former president of StockPot, Inc.(Campbell Soup Company); Woody Howse, co-founder and president of Cable &amp; Howse Ventures in Seattle; Gary Jones, an Ellensburg banking professional; Marc Kirkpatrick, principal of Encompass Engineering &amp; Surveying of Issaquah and Cle Elum; Liz Marchi, coordinator of Frontier Angel Fund, LLC of Montana; Eric Miller, president of Wineries Express, LLC of Selah; and Denny Weston, senior managing director of Fluke Venture Partners in Kirkland.</p><p>May 21, 2014</p>Presentation to Focus on Intellectual Property, Commercialization, 15 May 2014 10:12:42<p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 180px; height: 270px; margin: 5px; float: right;">The next program in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Speaker Series will feature a presentation by David Greenslade on innovation, intellectual property, and commercialization. The program is free and open to the public. It starts at 2:00 p.m. May 29 in Shaw-Smyser, room 115, at Central Washington University.</p><p>Greenslade is a commercialization manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland where he captures, evaluates, protects and markets PNNL inventions for its microtechnology, sensor, manufacturing, nuclear, environmental, and mechanical/electrical device technology. He is responsible for structuring and negotiating intellectual property and commercialization terms-of-research contracts and technology transfer agreements.</p><p>The speaker series, sponsored in part by the Herbert B. Jones Foundation of Seattle, is hosted by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I4IE), one of four centers in CWU’s College of Business.</p><p>“The speaker series is designed to bring successful business professionals to CWU to share their experiences and perspectives about the varied dimensions of the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Roy Savoian, director of the I4IE. “Greenslade’s presentation will focus on creativity and innovation and how they can go together in bringing entrepreneurial ventures to commercial reality.”&nbsp;</p><p>The presentation will include many examples of PNNL research that have provided solutions to problems in the marketplace.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>The I4IE was established in September 2011. It provides assistance to community members who are interested in starting their own business by serving as a hub for knowledge, resources, and innovation and entrepreneurial activities.&nbsp;</p><p>Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, retired business executives and other business professionals and experts form the resource base for I4IE. Many serve on its Advisory Group. Greenslade is a founding member of the institute’s Advisory Group, along with Roland “Sandy” Wheeler, the co-inventor of Bow-Flex, co-founder of the Nautilus Group and a CWU graduate.</p><p>May 15, 2014</p>SOURCE Showcases CWU Scholarship and Creative Expression, 14 May 2014 07:39:33<p><img alt="" src="/business/sites/" style="width: 251px; height: 320px; float: left; margin-left: 10px; margin-right: 10px;"></p><p>The Symposium On University Research and Creative Expression (SOURCE) celebrates its 19th year dedicated to student scholarship at Central Washington University. On the Ellensburg campus, SOURCE will be held from 8:10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on May 15 in the Student Union Recreation Center. The event is free and open to the public.</p><p>The symposium provides students, faculty and staff from all departments and units with a platform to present their individual or collaborative scholarly work, while providing a forum for sharing and celebrating that scholarship with the university and broader community.</p><p>“SOURCE just gets better every year,” said organizer Kara Gabriel, CWU professor, psychology. “The students keep raising the bar on the quality of their presentations.”</p><p>SOURCE 2014 celebrates 361 presentations with 604 listed authors and co-authors. All presentations are mentored by faculty or staff at CWU. This year, mentors are also from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Yakima Valley Community College, and Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences as well as Ellensburg High School, Selah Junior High School, Walter Strom Middle School, Chief Joseph Middle School in Richland, and Chief Kanim Middle School in Fall City."</p><p>This year’s symposium features many distinct types of presentations, including 138 oral presentations, 3 panel presentations, 22 creative expression performances or presentations, 143 poster presentations with 9 more at satellite campuses, 27 constructed objects, and 13 creative works, including a fashion show with eight designs. Information about the presentations may be found in the SOURCE handbook, online at</p><p>Students from CWU’s Puget Sound area centers are also participating. SOURCE-Des Moines will be held on Tuesday, May 13, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Higher Education Center, Bldg 29. SOURCE-Lynnwood will be held on Wednesday, May 14, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Snoqualmie Hall.</p><p>For more information about SOURCE, go to</p><p>Student Travis Rossignol designed the cover art for SOURCE 2014.</p><p>Media Contact: Valerie Chapman-Stockwell, Public Affairs, 509-963-1518,</p>