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College of Business


The following minors are open to all CWU students with a declared major:

The following minor is only available to students with a College of Business major or actuarial science:

The following programs are also available as a post-baccalaureate certificate:

Accounting Minor

An Accounting minor is also available to students who are pursuing a declared major either within or outside of the College of Business.  This minor pairs well with Actuarial Science, Math, Economics and Supply Chain Management.

Click here to learn more and to apply to the Accounting minor.

Business Minor

The Business minor is one of the most popular minors at CWU.  By providing students with an introduction to several key areas of business, students acquire valuable knowledge and skills to understand business and perhaps open their own small business someday.

The minor is 30 credits.

Click here to see more information and apply to the Business minor. 

Economics Minor

Two Economics minors are available to students:  one for Business and Accounting majors, and one for majors outside of the school of Business.  Business students can earn an Economics minor with just 3 additional Economics classes, and non-business majors follow a 20-credit (4 course) plan.  The Economics minor pairs well with social sciences, history, and business programs especially the Finance & Supply Chain specializations.

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Finance Minor
The finance minor provides students with basic understanding of corporate finance, investment, financial markets, institutions, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills. It prepares students for a wide array of careers such as financial analyst, budgeting officer, and planner in financial institutions, other for-the-profit businesses, non-profit organizations or governments. Those pursuing a B.S. in Accounting will receive recognition of financial skills beneficial to CPA preparation. Similar benefits accrue to those studying Economics or Actuarial Science; both are areas where graduates can benefit by enhancing their skills and understanding of financial planning and management.

The Finance minor is 25 credits; most students pursuing business majors will have completed 2 of the required courses as part of required Business Core.  The finance minor is only open to students who are currently pursuing a major in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting or Actuarial Sciences.

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Human Resource Management Minor     

The HRM minor is 25-credit program with courses from Management and Psychology that prepare students to work with the “people side” of  organizations.  It pairs well with many majors including Psychology, Law & Justice, Aviation Management, Construction Management, Family & Consumer Science, Safety and Health Management.

Click here to see more information and to apply for the Human Resource Minor. 

Sport Business Minor   
The Sport Business minor is a 30-credit program, with an optional 1-credit “boot camp.”  It pairs well with majors in Recreation & Tourism, Athletic Training, Communication, Public Relations, Exercise Science, Physical Education and Journalism.

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