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College of Business


CWU College of Business Undergraduate Degrees

CWU Business curricula are developed with industry leaders to make sure our graduates meet the needs of tomorrow’s business world. Our seven majors include engaging coursework taught by nationally recognized business scholars.

Human Resource Management
Leadership and Management
Supply Chain


Bachelor of Science: Accounting

Accounting is the largest major in the College of Business, which is not surprising because there are many jobs for Accountants at good entry salaries.  Contrary to the popular impression, accountants must enjoy working with people in addition to numbers.   Accountants do not work just in Accounting firms.  Because there are so many different kinds of decision makers who use an organization's financial information, there are many different career paths in accounting.  In addition to working in Public Accounting and business organizations, accountants work for government, the arts, and non-profit organizations.  Many accountants choose to open their own private practice as well.


Bachelor of Science: Economics

Economics teaches valuable skills and problem-solving techniques that are highly valued in business and in government. Economists work in many sectors of the business including manufacturing, banking, insurance, and retailing, entertainment, technology and governmental agencies.
This program is the traditional Economics degree.  At 85 credits, it can be easily combined with other majors such as Finance, Political Science or Law and Justice.


Economic and Business Forecasting Specialization

This specialization if for students who are interested in careers involving “big data”  research and analysis.  The ability to analyze large data bases to learn about customers, develop new products and cut costs has become a key to success in many industries.  A recently published report by McKinsey & Co. predicts a shortage of hundreds of thousands of positions related to “big data” analysis.


Managerial Economics

This specialization is for students with an interest in either public or private sector employment, or to prepare for law school. It is a larger curriculum than the General Economics major, combining economics with accounting and finance courses that are useful in a business setting.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance

This Finance specialization emphasizes knowledge and critical thinking skills:  problem-solving, decision-making and information technology. It prepares students for careers in corporate financial management, investments, and with financial institutions.  The principles of finance are applicable to all businesses and to all households.  In addition to preparing for careers in the financial sector, courses in personal finance prepare students to effectively manage their own economic welfare.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Human Resource Management

Taught by professors internationally known for their research in human resource management and organizational behavior, students are exposed to current trends, best practices and cutting edge research in training and development, staffing, compensation strategies, strategic HRM, principles of EEO, performance management, employee relations, leadership, building an effective team, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and employee rights and discipline.  Graduates from this program go to work for a wide range of organizations, from large Fortune 500 companies to running their own regional small businesses.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Leadership and Management

Students who select this specialization will not only develop a deep understanding of key concepts and theories regarding leadership and management, they will also have an opportunity to apply what they have learned as they lead a substantial project as part of the capstone course.
Additionally, this specialization offers students an opportunity to capitalize on the unique and substantial leadership development competencies found in the Department of Management faculty at CWU.  This AACSB-accredited program will help you develop the skills you need to succeed, whether you plan to pursue a managerial career or simply want to better understand how to manage yourself.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Leadership and Management

Marketing is a fast-paced, exciting field of study that offers the opportunity to work in many different industries. Marketing also opens many doors to enter a firm, in product management, sales, service, customer relations, advertising, and so on. In CWU’s AACSB-accredited College of Business, you’ll learn about all of these topics from highly qualified, award-winning faculty members who are dedicated teachers and well-published researchers who provide hands-on work experience.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the College of Business’s fastest growing program.  Part of the reason it is so popular is because Supply Chain graduates are in hot demand in the job market.

Supply chain management is important for traditional for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations, governments, and the military. Those in supply chain positions frequently work across functions of a business to improve and increase success in meeting company goals. Whether your job is in manufacturing, marketing, finance, distribution, or any other function, by adopting a supply chain orientation toward management, you will be prepared to assess, plan, and effectively manage your job responsibilities.

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