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HRIS & HR Analytics Guest Speaker Visits SHRM

Monday February 12, 2018 the Human Resource Management club, SHRM, hosted Dean Stonehocker who is a Talent System & Analytics Manager at DealerSocket. Mr. Stonehocker gave an informational presentation via webcast on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and on Human Resource Analytics. HRIS is a great Human Resource specialization. “If you are interested in excel, if you like looking at data, and if you are interest in the analytics of human resource than this specialization is for you."

Most students don’t realize this is a specialization within HR. Listening to Dean Stonehocker opened many Human Resource majors to a different pathway in human resources. “I especially appreciated getting his take on the significance of HRIS in the workplace. I wasn’t familiar with the HRIS before but after listening to MR. Stonehocker, I learned that HRIS is an intersection of Human resources and information technology,” stated Michael Briones, President of SHRM.

Analytics is trending in all areas of business, including HR. HRIS focus on these analytics in three categories; demographic data, turnover data, and termination reasoning data. “You can be good at working with people, but if you don’t understand the employee data, you don’t really know how you are doing or what larger problems need to be solved, which is why HRIS is a good field to enter.”

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