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Opportunites for Giving to the CB

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Creating the Competitive Edge

CWU's College of Business faculty and staff create value and opportunity for our students by focusing on quality in undergraduate education at the Ellensburg campus and university centers in the Puget Sound and central regions of Washington state. We accomplish this through emphasis on excellence in teaching, which is strengthened by faculty research and supported by professional service.

CWU's College of Business will be recognized as a premier learning community creating an environment in which students, faculty and staff reach their full potential.

Central Washington University is a university of choice for a large number of first generation college students--nearly 40% of the undergraduate student population. Furthermore, the College of Business serves an increasingly diverse student body, including traditional age students in Ellensburg and non-traditional, working adults at university centers. We contribute to the economic advancement of the Pacific Northwest by broadening the talent pool available to business--and by making sure that all graduates are ready for the business world.

Core Competencies
Historically, faculty in accounting, business administration and economics play a fundamentally important role in Creating the Competitive Edge for the College of Business. Teaching is a priority and faculty work with students to help them complete their degrees and transition to professional careers. Class sizes are relatively small, which allows for greater student access to and interaction with faculty. Curricula are designed to prepare students for the workplace and to effectively bridge the gap between theory and practice. Teaching excellence is strengthened by faculty research and supported by professional service.

Creating the Competitive Edge means that we will retain our core values and distinctive student orientation. It also means that we will pursue continuous quality improvement in order to build on our core competencies and to meet the demands of the marketplace and of employers. This effort includes achieving external confirmation of program quality through AACSB accreditation.

Competitive Edge Fund
The College's Advisory Board is a bridge between the College and the business world. The Board established a funding initiative--the Competitive Edge Fund--to provide resources to the College to sustain its student orientation and achieve AACSB accreditation. The purpose of the Fund is to support primarily faculty professional development as the key element to AACSB accreditation. Faculty incentive payments for increased levels of research output are financed through this Fund. Funding also supports College of Business external relations and marketing as well as student activities.

As we face the challenges of the 21st century, it is our hope that alumni, friends and corporate contributors will support our tradition of excellence and student orientation.

Please consider giving to the College of Business.