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General Education Requirements

As part of earning a bachelor’s degree, each student must complete a general education component.

There are two ways of completing this:

1. Complete the CWU General Education Program

This program is a series of 15-18 classes. If you have transfer credit or college credit earn by testing (advance placement, CLEP, etc.) it is important to review your transfer credit with your advisor to see which requirements are unmet and if the opportunity for petitioning requirements exists. Instructions for petitioning requirements can be found here.

Link to 2018-2019 General Education Requirements Worksheet

Talk to your advisor about General Education!

2. Transfer in a Direct Transfer Agreement Associate’s Degree

For a list of degrees that meet the CWU General Education Requirements follow these links:

Washington State Degrees
Out of State Degrees


Petitioning Requirements​:

If you believe that you have met one or more of the general education requirements, but it is not showing as fulfilled on your Academic Requirements Report, you have the option to petition the requirement. We recommend that before petitioning, you meet with your advisor to review the petition process and your request.
To petition general education requirements, please print and fill out this form. Then type a brief statement requesting the petition. For example (this is just an example, customize to suit your petition):

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to request that (class) from (institution) and (class) from (institution) be used to fulfill (list the specific requirements you want them to fulfill). I have included the course descriptions and syllabi for these classes (attach the catalog course descriptions/syllabi for these classes, Catalog descriptions need to be from the academic year you took the class and the syllabus needs to be from the quarter and instructor you took the class from). In (class 1) we covered (brief explanation of the class). In (class 2) we covered (brief explanation of the class).
Thank you for your consideration,
(your signature)

If you are petitioning for a writing requirement, you will need to submit a writing sample from the course. Classes are considered writing intensive if they included seven pages, double spaced, of assigned writing that was assessed for content and mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and organization). It is preferable that the writing sample be graded, but not required. Typically, papers should be research based in nature rather than creative writing.


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