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College of Business

Finance Minor Online Application

NOTE: The finance minor is only open to students who are currently pursuing a major in Business Administration, Economics, Accounting or Actuarial Sciences.

The finance minor provides students with basic understanding of corporate finance, investment, financial markets, institutions, as well as analytical and critical thinking skills. It prepares students for a wide array of careers such as financial analyst, budgeting officer, and planner in financial institutions, other for-the-profit businesses, non-profit organizations or governments. Those pursuing a B.S. in Accounting will receive recognition of financial skills beneficial to CPA preparation. Similar benefits accrue to those studying Economics or Actuarial Science; both are areas where graduates can benefit by enhancing their skills and understanding of financial planning and management.

Required Courses (5 credits each for 25 credit total)

ECON 202, Principles of Economics Macro
FIN 370, Introductory Financial Management
FIN 470, Intermediate Financial Management
FIN 475, Investments
ECON 330, Money and Banking

Transfer students must earn a minimum of 10 credits in the minor from CWU. 


Students must be a declared major before they can declare this minor.
By providing my initials and submitting this form, I understand and agree that the above courses are now, upon acceptance, part of the graduation requirements for my minor. In addition, I understand I must earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.25 in the above courses to receive the Finance Minot.

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