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College of Business

Faculty Resources : Full-Time Appointments

A. Gaining Approval to Fill a New Faculty Position

1. The faculty, department chair, or dean may initiate discussions regarding a new faculty position consistent with the CB's mission and departmental needs.

2. The department chair and dean discuss the proposal and negotiate rank and salary range/step for the position announcement. These issues will be finalized after candidate selection. Other issues such as credit towards tenure and other special provisions will also be negotiated at that time. (see E-6)

3. The dean, provost, and affirmative action officer approve the search for a new faculty position.

4. Approved University forms are completed primarily by the department chair (unless otherwise noted) at the appropriate times.

Form 1--Request to Fill Vacancy (see B and G)
Form 2--Faculty Recruitment Approval Form (see C and D)
Form 3--Post-Recruitment Form (see D)
Form 4--Interview Approval Form (see C and E)
Form 5--Request to Offer Faculty Appointment (see F)

B. A department screening committee consistent with affirmative action guidelines is appointed by the department chair. (Currently, the screening committee must include one woman and one minority.) For appointments in Ellensburg, at least one department member from a Westside campus must be a member of the screening committee. For appointments on the Westside, at least one department member from the Ellensburg campus must be a member of the screening committee. (Screening committee members are listed on Form 2.)

1. Committee members may be selected from CWU faculty outside the hiring department.

2. The department chair may elect to be a member of the screening committee.

3. The department chair may appoint the chair of the screening committee or may allow the committee to elect its own chair.

4. Screening committees should be composed of no fewer than three members and no more than seven, each a member of the CWU faculty. A majority must be from the CB.

C. The screening committee drafts the position announcement and gains approval from the department chair, dean, and affirmative action officer on Form 2. The position announcement will identify the screening criteria in its identification of minimum qualifications and desired characteristics. The department chair and the chair of the screening committee work together in publicizing the position opening.

D. The screening committee compiles a list of acceptable candidates by comparing candidate files to established criteria.

1. A log is kept by date of completed application files by the department secretary.

2. The affirmative action log is filled out during this process.

3. The screening committee is responsible for reporting activities to the Office for Equal Opportunity and for completing Form 3.

4. References are assembled and checked by the department chair and/or members of the screening committee prior to an interview. (Form 3 is completed and submitted to the Office for Equal Opportunity.) Faculty involvement is encouraged in the process.

E. Interview

1. After reviewing the applicants' files and discussing the candidates' qualifications, the screening committee ranks prospective faculty candidates to interview from the screening committee's list. Form 4 is completed--the department chair and dean sign.

2. The number of candidates interviewed and process to be used in inviting candidates are determined by the dean and department chair based on the candidates' qualifications, the recommendation of the screening committee, and available funds.

3. The department chair is responsible for coordinating campus visits, including presenting itineraries for candidates to faculty and providing access to the candidates' files. The interview should include questions based on the screening criteria and the required qualifications and desired characteristics stated in the job announcement. Faculty interviews will be conducted in Ellensburg and at least one westside location.

4. Faculty comments regarding interviewed candidates are solicited by the department chair and/or the screening committee.

5. The screening committee presents its ranking of all interviewed candidates to the department chair. The chair forwards in memo form the screening committee's ranking and the chair's ranking to the dean. The chair also recommends rank, salary, and other negotiable items.

6. The dean and department chair discuss and determine the parameters governing the negotiation process. Negotiations with the selected candidate are conducted by the department chair in consultation with the dean and require the dean's approval. Granting of tenure requires a vote of the department's tenured faculty.

F. Form 5 is prepared by the department chair and is signed by the dean. The affirmative action officer must verify that the selection process conforms to affirmative action guidelines. The affirmative action officer is notified of the selection and signs Form 5.

G. The provost must approve of the selection. (Form 1 must be signed by the provost.)

H. The provost presents the selected candidate to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees approves or disapproves the appointment.

I. The candidates are notified of the hiring decision by the dean.

Approved:  May 1994
Updated Name Change:  Fall 2001

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