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College of Business

Faculty Resources : Curriculum & Academic Policy Process

The procedures discussed in this document apply to each of the three departments within the CWU College of Business (CB). A proposal for course/program changes can be initiated by an CB faculty member, department chair, or the CB Dean. Proposals initiated by the CAPC must be referred to the affected department(s) prior to final CAPC consideration.

1. The proposal is first presented to the respective department's faculty for review and approval. If approved, the proposal is submitted to the respective department chair using the appropriate CWU Curriculum Transmittal Form. It is the respective department chair's responsibility to ensure the academic integrity of the proposed course/program change, verify the clarity and accuracy of the proposal, notify all departments throughout the CB and the university that are affected by the proposal, and attempt to resolve any objections regarding the proposal.

Notification requires that a copy of the proposal be sent with a cover memo to the affected department. If there is no response from the affected department within 10 working days, the proposal can then be forwarded to the CAPC. If a response is presented, the two department chairs involved should attempt to resolve the differences. If no resolution is reached within a second period of 10 working days, the proposal can be forwarded to the CAPC with the response attached.

2. Once approved and signed by the department chair, the Curriculum Transmittal Form is forwarded to the CB Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee (CAPC) accompanied by all of the responses from departments that were notified.

Note: At each stage during the approval process the department faculty (by vote) of the proposing department, the department chair of the proposing department, or the dean can reject the proposal and return it to the originator. A proposal returned by the department chair or the dean should be accompanied by a memo describing the reasons for rejection. Advice from the CAPC and/or students may be sought at any level.

3. The CAPC reviews the proposal for consistency with the established school mission and goals, assesses whether the proposal conflicts or overlaps with the other courses or programs throughout the CB, and comments on these or other issues related to the proposed curricular change. The CAPC may confer with the respective department chair before making its recommendation to the Dean of the CB. The recommendation forwarded to the dean should also include the appropriate CWU Transmittal Form with required attachments and copies of all the responses from departments notified by the department chair. The CAPC should forward its recommendation to the dean within 30 working days of its receipt from the proposing department.

4. The CB Dean reviews the recommendation from the department, the remaining objections by affected departments, and the recommendation from the CAPC in addition to determining the relationship of the proposed course/program change to the School's goals and budget. After review, and taking the recommendation of the CAPC into consideration, the Dean either (1) approves the proposal and forwards it to the University curriculum process, or (2) rejects the proposal and returns it to the originating party, through the respective department chair.

Approved:  May 1994
Updated Name Change:  Fall 2001

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