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College of Business

Entrepreneurship Minor Online Application


This program focuses on helping students develop the skills, perspectives and relationships that make for a successful entrepreneur. This program is open to students of all majors. 

Required Courses:


MGT 200 - Essential Skills for Professionals

MGT 287 - Applied Product DevelopmentMGT 200 or permission.
MGT 288 - Prototype DevelopmentMGT 287.
MGT 289 - Business Plan & DevelopmentMGT 287.
MGT 488 - Plunge Class(ACCT251 or ACCT 301) and (MKT360 or MKT361) and MGT 200 and MGT 287 and MGT 288 and (MGT 289 or MGT 487)
ACCT 251 - Financial Accounting OR ACCT 252 - Managerial Accounting OR ACCT 301 - Financial Accounting Analysis



MKT 360 - Principles of Marketing OR MKT 362 - Essential Marketing ConceptsMKT 362 pre-reqs: ECON 201 and BUS 221 and admission to a College of Business major



By providing my initials and submitting this form, I understand and agree that the above courses are now, upon acceptance, part of the graduation requirements for my minor. In addition, I understand I must earn a grade of C or higher (2.0) in each of the above courses to complete the Entrepreneurship Minor.

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