College of Business

CWU Supply Chain Management Certificate

Why a career in Supply Chain Management?

The certificate program provides the opportunity for the student to gain knowledge and skills in the full spectrum of supply chain activities: supplier relationships, purchasing management, operations and inventory management, logistics and transportation, quality management, and information technology. Typical job titles include: Purchasing/Supply Manager, Procurement Manager, Materials Manager, Contracts Manager, Purchasing Agent, Senior Buyer, and Buyer/Planner.


You must be a current CWU student:

Degree seeking students who are formally admitted into a College of Business major which include: Accounting, Business Administration, Managerial Economics, and Economic and Business Forecasting.

Students in other academic programs must satisfy College of Business admission requirements as outlined in the most current Undergraduate/Graduate catalog. This catalog can be found at the following web site:

Program Requirements

The Supply Chain Management Certificate is not a degree program. Some courses in the certificate program may be used within requirements for the Business Administration, Accounting, or Economics and Business Forecasting degree programs. In addition, courses can be used as electives needed to satisfy the university minimum of 180 units.

This form is to indicate that you intend to pursue the Supply Chain Management Certificate as part of your business degree at Central Washington University. The SCM Certificate will be awarded upon graduation based on your completion of Certificate course requirements with a minimum 3.0 GPA.