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College of Business

College of Business Students Attend Mt. Stuart Elementary Fifth Grade Camp

Last week, CWU had three College of Business students, Cailyn Hegland, Wyatt Shelton, and Jackson Wollan attend the Mount Stuart Elementary fifth grade camp as counselors! These counselors had camp names: Cailyn went by Hollywood, Wyatt went by Cowman, and Jackson went by Action. This was a three day adventure where the students were able to utilize their leadership skills.

 "Being a business major and not an education major, going into this experience I didn't think it would be as beneficial to me as it actually was. There were moments that tested my patience. Sometimes it was tough keeping track of all 6 girls at once, but it was such a great and humbling experience. I'm very thankful that I was able to be a kid at camp again, with my group of girls from Mt. Stuart. I plan on coming back next year to be a camp counselor!" -Cailyn, a Human Resources


Wyatt, an Economics major, said "As business majors, we understand the importance of wise investment decisions. I would argue that among the best is investing in the next generation of kids. By doing so, you can change the life of an individual, and affect our culture for the better".

"This experience showed me that I was capable of managing people. I had to deal with some stressful situations, but was able to control the situation. Overall I gained great insight from attending this fifth grade camp and hope to attend next year". -Jackson, Supply Chain Management 

The College of Business was thrilled to hear that students were expanding on their experiences. These three students took advantage of an opportunity and excelled at doing it!

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