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College Of Business Ambassadors Participate in SOURCE

On May 18th, CB Student ambassadors will be at SOURCE presenting their research on how the College of Business is educating and preparing female students for the Income Disparity they will face after graduation.

Since 2014, the College of Business has increased student enrollments and has actively sought out to attract female students into fields of study that require quantitative analysis in order to be more competitive in the work force. According to a Congressional report by the Joint Economic Committee, “the average women earns only 79% of what a man earns” (Maloney). While there are societal and cultural components contributing to this wage disparity, the College of Business is determined to equip women with the skill set necessary to excel in the corporate marketplace. Furthermore, this wage gap has contributed to the shortage of female leadership in American companies. Due to this, the Ambassadors analyzed enrollment data, marketing strategies, changes in admission requirements, and the number of women in student leadership positions in the College of Business. By doing this presentation, they hope to share this information with campus community members with the goal to educate more female students about this issue and to facilitate strong partnerships between students, faculty, and business professionals.

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