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College of Business

Cherelle's Cakes

Cherelle Demps is an aspiring entrepreneur who has dreamed of owning her own business that specializes in fondant cakes since she was 13. Being a freshman she has already worked closely with the director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, and is in the process of cultivating her business plan in a course designed to help young entrepreneurs like herself make their dreams a reality.

When Cherelle first heard the news that she would be given the opportunity to display her cakes at the Honors Banquet she could not contain her excitement! Since that day, Cherelle worked tirelessly for months planning for this big moment as well as completing her other duties as student ambassador for the College of Business.

Fondant cakes are not your average buttercream cake and the process is definitely not easy or quick. Two days prior to the event Cherelle baked ten cakes in seven hours and the next day spent another seven hours decorating them! Five hours into decorating her coworkers and friends offered their assistance and with their help, Cherelle was able to finish way ahead of schedule!

“To stand behind my cakes and watch as people smile and point at them, talk about their favorite, and give me their best wishes made all of the hard work worth it!”- Cherelle

As expected, Cherelle’s Cakes were a huge hit and all sold in the silent auction for over $500!

“I want to give a special thanks to the College of Business for allowing me to experience this unforgettable moment, my ambassador team for their endless assistance, and most importantly my parents for being with me through this process every step of the way!” - Cherelle

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