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College of Business

BAP Hosts Wiley Representative on the CPA Exam


On February 27th the Beta Alpha Psi club had a guest speaker, Caroline Ng, from the Company Wiley. Wiley is the author of multiple accounting textbooks, offers test prep courses for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test, and is the owner of the “for Dummies” brand. Caroline Ng is the Regional Director for Wiley CPA for the Pacific Northwest. She visited campus to discuss the importance of the CPA exam and to touch on how Wiley’s test preparation courses can help make taking the CPA an easier task.

The CPA is an exam that is very beneficial in boosting an accountant’s resume. It also allows for career growth, making it easier to get upper management positions. The exam is respected worldwide and the test is uniform from state to state. Wiley offers an online test prep course that adjusts itself to meet an individual’s study needs.

The Wiley company slogan is, “We are your partner until you pass.” The Beta Alpha Psi club learned that the Wiley test prep course will not expire until the CPA exam has been passed. This means if an individual does not pass the CPA the first time, they will until have all of their Wiley course materials until they do pass. Caroline even did a drawing to give away this test prep course to one student, which normally costs around $1,800. Overall Caroline’s visit was a great opportunity for accounting students to gain knowledge about the CPA exam process, Yoselin Perez, an accounting student remarked that “Studying for the CPA is important because passing the CPA opens up many doors career wise.”

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