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STEP ONE:  Find out what it takes to be admitted to your major.

Major Program Requirements: The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the official University's compilation for all curriculum. The OEC will serve as the basis for major, minor and program requirements for the academic year. Students must follow that catalog for major and program requirements that are in effect at the time they are admitted to the major.

Pre-Admission GPA Calculator: This is an Excel template with embedded formulas to help you determine whether you have met the College of Business admission GPA requirements for your degree program.

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STEP TWO:  Attend a College of Business, New Student Orientation (mandatory for admission into major)

Orientation sessions are designed to help students succeed in a College of Business program. Topics include: Application and admission process into a College of Business major; Course registration options and advising; Understanding and using the tools to develop your graduation plan; and Advising Holds – Why they exist and how to remove them.

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STEP THREE:  Develop your tentative graduation plan using the following tools:


Tentative Yearly Course Schedules

This year-long schedule is provided to students for PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. For those planning a 2-year schedule, typically, courses offered one quarter in a given year, will be offered the same quarter in a future year. Schedules are updated frequently and provided in sortable MS Excel format.

Excel Skills:  Throughout your tenure in the College of Business, you will be required to complete various assignments using Microsoft Excel.  It is incumbent upon you to have or acquire the skills required to complete these Excel-based assignments.  If you do not possess the required skills, the College of Business requires that you purchase "Slaying Excel Dragons" by Mike Girvin (publisher Holy Macro! Books).  Additional help can be found at Advanced tutorial materials are also accessible via MyCWU, then choose Main Menu-->MyCWU Links-->Microsoft IT Academy.

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CWU Catalogs

The CWU Undergraduate/Graduate catalog contains academic policy to include graduation requirements in a specific major as well as institutional requirements needed for graduation.

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CWU Registration Handbook

The Registration Handbook contains important policies and processes to help students with important deadlines, using the CWU intranet to register into classes and other important information every student should know.