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Record Coordinator

Each Department should have one Records Coordinator designated to take responsibility for the physical inventory of all CWU records. There are steps mandated by the State of Washington when dealing with records and how they are handled.  It is the Coordinators responsibility to work directly with the Records Analyst to ensure the proper steps are being taken to identify, destroy, or transfer records when the retention period has been met.

University records by statutory definition are public property and must be maintained, transferred, and destroyed according to records retention schedules approved by the State Records Committee.

Click HERE for the current Record Coordinator list

What are the Record Coordinator's responsibilities?

  • Know your Records!
  • Contact Kerrie Nelson if you would like help determining what records you have and/or to complete a Records Inventory for your Department.
  • Know the Retention of your Department's Records and make sure everyone within your Department understands that "their" records in any format are "State" records.
  • Complete and submit a signed Transfer/Destruction Form for approval, prior to transferring or destroying any State Records.

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