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Public Records Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule


No fee                                                   Inspection by requestor at the CWU Ellensburg Campus
No fee Requester accessing or downloading records CWU routinely posts on its website


Copy Charges*

Cost varies- per other                 statutes      Records for which other costs are authorized pursuant to laws outside of RCW 42.56. RCW 42.56.130.


Customized Service

Customized service charge- caries depending on the request                  If the request requires the use of IT expertise to prepare data compilations or when customized access services are not used by CWU for CWU business purposes, CWU may charge a customized service charge. RCW 42.56.120(3)


Other Costs

15 cents/page                           Photocopies of paper records or printed (paper) copies of electronic records (applies if requester asks for paper copies)
10 cents/page Electronic copy of scanned paper records (applies if paper copies must be scanned in order to produce in electronic format)
5 cents for each 4 electronic files or attachments Files and attachments uploaded to e-mail or other means of electronic delivery (applies if records are already stored electronically and requestor asks for such records to be provided via e-mail or a digital media storage device, such as a CD or thumb drive)
10 cents per gigabyte Cost for transmitting records in an electronic format, such as e-mail or a digital media storage device)
Actual cost Depends on cost of a digital storage media device, such as a CD, DVD, or thumb drive
Actual cost Any container or envelope used to mail copies
Actual cost Postage or delivery charges



10 percent of estimate cost to tullfill request                                                                      When the estimated copying cost for fulfilling an entire request or an installment, or when  providing a customized service, exceeds $25, CWU may require a 10% deposit. RCW 42.56.120(4); WAC 172-10-080.

*Charges may be combined to the extent more than one type of charge applies to copies responsive to a particular request. Copy charges are assessed for each installment of records provided to the requester.

**Requestors may ask for an estimate of the cost before asking for records to be produced.



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