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Budget/Financial Planning & Analysis

2020 RCM Model Suggested Changes

RCM Model Suggested Changes Summary

An unordered list:

Suggestion 1:   SCH to follow instructor, not prefix

Suggestion 2:   Change the SCH percentage split from 70%/30% (college of instruction/college of student’s major) to 100%/0%                  

Suggestion 3:   Debit non-college-discretionary waivers from the colleges at the RCM percentage

Suggestion 4:   Debit Facilities costs from the college at the RCM percentage                                           

Suggestion 5:   SCH from Developmental programs directed to colleges

Suggestion 6:   Unspent subvention funds redeployed to provost Strategic Investment Fund

Suggestion 7:   Unallocated funds directed back to colleges rather than provost (no template submitted)


Please send any and all feedback to any of the following by February 20th:

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