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Budget/Financial Planning & Analysis

Having Trouble Signing On?

We are continuing to work out the kinks and these are the most common issues we have ran into.  Below are just a few things to troubleshoot if you’re having problems.  Of course we are always happy to help, if you’re really stuck please contact us.
Having Trouble Signing On?
First and foremost always ensure you are using a Firefox browser.
Make sure your Firefox is appropriately configured using the Firefox Setup Guide.
Cat Plan is not a part of the MyCWU single sign-on.  It has its own unique username (which should be your full cwu email), password, and identity domain.
The identity domain will always be uscentralwash48889

If you have forgotten your password submit a ticket through the CWU Service Desk to have your password reset or email Donovan Conley.
Having Trouble Resetting Your Password?
If you received an email from Oracle telling you your password is about to expire please follow the directions listed here.
Having Trouble Viewing Your Reports?

Make sure your User Point of View is turned on. Instructions to turn it on are located on the last page of the Firefox Setup Guide.
Ensure you are using the correct Chartstring.  You can find the exact Chartstring you need using the Chart of Account Cross Reference Tool.

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