Our brand promise

We See Futures. This clear and simple statement is what CWU is all about. It expresses how we want to be understood and valued by the audiences we care about. And it gives direction and inspiration for all our communications.

Our brand also highlights five key messaging themes that inform a strategic and intentional narrative about us through the lens of our brand promise:

  1. We’re here for your future.
  2. You will do something great.
  3. You belong here.
  4. We build community.
  5. Central at the center of a better future.

Correct and consistent use the brand messaging and visual identity will help us influence and shape a positive brand image that is in line with how we understand ourselves and the messages we're trying to advance in the world. These brand guidelines will help us do that.

Questions and review

Everyone who works at CWU and those who communicate on behalf of CWU contribute to our brand image. Send questions and comments regarding the CWU brand, messaging, and visual identity to Drafts, proofs, and mockups can be sent to prior to publishing to help ensure our brand is maintained in marketing and promotional materials. Allow time for review and to incorporate edits before your deadline.