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Undergraduate Programs and Pre-Health Advising

Image from a 2008 Herpetology field trip to Catherine Creek.

The Department's goal is to offer a superior undergraduate program that provides knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the biological sciences for biology majors, general education students, and students in other majors whose program requires biology (e.g. nutrition majors). Student enrichment experiences are also provided by giving students the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects, participate in SOURCE and Biology Club activities, and attend bi-weekly Natural Science Seminar presentations. Those curious about the identity and/or biology of organisms (e.g. plants, mushrooms, algae, bacteria, insects, spiders, fish, birds, mammals, etc.) have access to specialists in the Department.

Programs offered by the Department of Biological Sciences include a Bachelors of Arts as well as Bachelor of Science programs in Cell and Molecular Biology, Ecology, and Biology Teaching. We offer certificate program options for those interested in microbiology and general education courses to meet the needs of non-science majors, as well.

For additional information on courses typically required to gain entry into degree-granting medical and other health professional fields, please see the Health Career Advising page.