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College of the Sciences

Pre-Vet Club



MEETINGS for this Fall Quarter (2019) are from 6:15 to 7:15pm on the following dates and location:  Oct. 10th, Oct. 24th, Nov. 7th, Nov. 21st and December 5th in the Science Building Room 101

CWU Pre-Vet Club 2019 Flyer

CLUB MISSION: CWU Pre-Veterinary Club invites students from all backgrounds to collectively explore the field of veterinary medicine.  Our goal is to provide students, still investigating career options, with informative and practical insight into veterinary medicine.  Additionally, we provide students committeed to this field with necessary and helpful information for applying to vet school, opportunities to strengthen their vet school applications, and hands on experience in the field of veterinary medicine.


For more information, please contact one of the officers or the advisor listed below, and visit us on Facebook at "CWU Pre-Veterinary Club."   


President: Katie Chamberlain

Vice President: Marissa Santeford

Secretary: Delaney Clem

Treasurer: Kaylie Armstrong

Senator: Lauren King

Dr. Fabiola Serra Fuertes, Department of Biological Sciences


What We Do As A Club:

Suture Night with Dr. Fuller


Zoo AND Aquarium Tour!





Inoculation Clinic

C.P.R/ First Aid Clinic




Touring OSU’s Vet Clinic


Chopstick Night


Meetings with the DA from WSU’s Vet Program

Volunteer Opportunities

CWU Pre Vet Club Members at Yakima Humane Society 2019

CWU Pre Vet Club Student Q&A Booth

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.