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Paul W. James

Image of Paul W. James

Paul W. James, 

Science Building, Room 338H
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7537
(509) 963-1895

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Oklahoma State University (Zoology), 1989.
M.S. Missouri State University (Biology), 1983.
B.S. University of Kansas (Biology), 1981.

General Biology, Introductory Biostatistics, General Ecology, Ichthyology, Limnology, Wildlife & Fisheries Ecology, Ecological Field Techniques.

Fish ecology, stream ecology. I am currently investigating the impacts of fish barriers (culverts, small dams and diversions) on fish populations specifically in urban streams and along Interstate 90 through the central Washington Cascades. 

Video of I-90 Project

Recent Publications

Arango, C.P., P.W. James, K.B. Hatch. 2015. Rapid ecosystem response to restoration in an urban stream. Hydrobiologia 749(1):197-211

James, P.W., Wagner, R.S., Ernest, K., Beck, D. and Irwin, J. 2012. Monitoring fish and low-mobility vertebrates along a major mountain highway: a snapshot before construction of I-90 wildlife crossing structures.  Pages 572-585, In Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation, edited by Paul J. Wagner, Debra Nelson, and Eugene Murray. Raleigh, NC: Center for Transportation and the Environment, North Carolina State University.

Murdoch, A.R., P.W. James, and T.N. Pearsons. 2005. Interactions between rainbow trout and bridgelip sucker spawning in a small Washington stream. Northwest Science 79 (2-3):120-130.

Polacek, M. C., and P.W. James. 2003. Diel microhabitat use by Age-0 bull trout in Indian Creek, Washington. Ecology of Freshwater Fish 12(1):81-86.

Divens, M.J., S.A. Bonar, B.D. Bolding, E. Anderson, and P.W. James. 1998. Monitoring warm-water fish populations in north temperate regions: sampling considerations when using proportional stock densities. Fisheries Management and Ecology 5:383-391.

Sexauer, H. M. and P. W. James. 1997. A comparison of the microhabitat use by juvenile bull trout in four streams located in the eastern Cascades, Washington. Pages 361-370 In Mackay, W. C., M. K. Brewin, and M. Monita, editors. Friends of the bull trout conference proceedings. Bull Trout Task Force (Alberta), c/o Trout Unlimited Canada, Calgary.

James, P. W. and H. M. Sexauer. 1997. Spawning behaviour, spawning habitat and alternative mating strategies in an adfluvial population of bull trout. Pages 325-329 In Mackay, W. C., M. K. Brewin, and M. Monita, editors. Friends of the bull trout conference proceedings. Bull Trout Task Force (Alberta), Trout Unlimited Canada, Calgary.