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College of the Sciences

Initial Advising for Pre-Majors

Biological Sciences Department Information:  

Biology Office location:  Science Building, Room 338  

Biology Office phone:  (509) 963-2731

Biology Major Advisors & Office Drop-In Hours

Degree Options & Course Requirements


Pre-Admission Requirements*:  


*GPA entry requirement, courses, testing or any other specific entry criteria


Crucial Courses Within The First Year: 

MATH 153  Pre-Calculus Mathematics I

NOTE:  MATH 153 should be completed prior to CHEM 183 enrollment


CHEM 181, 182, 183 series with labs

NOTE:  High School Chemistry and qualification for MATH 153 is strongly recommended in preparation for taking CHEM 181.


BIOL 181, 182, 183 series with labs

NOTE: The BIOL series may be started winter quarter, or completed during second year, if necessary 

Information For Students With Significant Transfer Credit or DTA Degree

NOTE:  If you have completed the equivalent of the BIOL 181, 182, 183 (with labs) series, enroll in BIOL 213 unless already completed, and upper-level BIOL courses under the advisement of one of the Biology Major Advisors.

Process For Declaring Biology Major or Biology Minor


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