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First-Nations Genetic Research Surveys Grizzly Bears

Dr. Gerald Scoville, who teaches BIOL 452 Ornithology at Central, recently co-published an article on a three-year study of 60 Grizzly Bears within the Koeye River Conservancy.  The area is located in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, and is the ancestral home to the Heiltsuk First Nation.  The genetic survey was non-invasive in design, and followed the laws and customs of the Heiltsuk people. 

William G. Housty, Anna Noson, Gerald W. Scoville, John Boulanger, Richard M. Jeo, Chris T. Darimont and Christopher E. Filardi.  Grizzly Bear Monitoring by the Heiltsuk People as a Crucible for First Nation Conservation Practice. Ecology and Society 19(2): 70.