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Faculty 1898-present

Years at CWUFaculty Member/EducationSpecializationStatus
1898-1928John P. Munson 
B.A.-Milton College, 
University of Wisconsin, and Yale, 
Ph.D.-University of Chicago
1923-25Alexia M. Reuter 
BiologyLeft CWU
1925-54Harold W. Quigley 
B.S.-University of Oregon, 
M.A.-University of Chicago
1945-47Thomas M. Christison 
B.S.-University of Oregon,
M.A.-University of Chicago
BiologyLeft CWU
1948-1971Marshall W. Mayberry 
B.A.-Washburn University, 
Ph.D.- University of Kansas
Deceased (1997)
1949-1987Janet M. Lowe 
B.S.-University of Washington, 
M.S.-University of Chicago
Vertebrate EmbryologyEmeritus 
Deceased (1999)
1951-58Bernard E. MichalsScience EducationLeft CWU
1956-91Curt A. Wiberg
B.S.-University of Wisconsin, 
M.S.-University of Oregon
Plant EcologyEmeritus
1957-84John S. Shrader
B.S., M.A. and Ed.D.-University of Washington
Science Education/BiologyDeceased (2000)
1960-68Don H, Baepler
B.A.-Carleton College,
M.S. and Ph.D.- University of Oklahoma
OrinitholgyDeceased (2008)
1960-94Edward P. Klucking
M.A. and Ph.D.-University of California at Berkeley
Botany and Paleo BotanyEmeritus
1961-68Daniel L. Wilson
B.S and M.A. - Kansas State University,
Ph.D.- University of Oklahoma
BotanyLeft CWU
1963-65James A. Sandoval
Botany/Plant PhysiologyLeft CWU
1964-98Glen W. Clark
B.S.-Ricks College, 
M.S.-Utah State,
Ph.D.-University of California at Davis
Deceased (2010)
1965-66Curt G. Carlbom
BotanyLeft CWU
1965-74Jared Verner
B.S.-Washington State University, 
M.S.-Louisiana State University, 
Ph.D.-University of Washington
Ornithology/EcologyLeft CWU
1965-89Phillip C. Dumas
B.S. M.S. and 
Ph.D.-Oregon State University
Deceased (1992)
1965-68Virginia P. Harden
B.S.-Central State College (Oklahoma),
M.S.- University of Oklahoma,
Ph.D.- Kansas State
MicrobiolgyLeft CWU
1966-95William W. Barker
B.S. Baldwin-Wallace College, 
M.S.-University of Michigan,
Ph.D.-University of Washington
Plant TaxonomyEmeritus 
Deceased (2003)
1966-04Sheldon R. Johnson
A.B.-Occidental College, 
Ph.D.-Oregon State University
Animal Physiology/
1966-70Richard Neve 
B.S.- Loyola University, 
M.S.-University of San Francisco,
Ph.D.-University of Oregon
Graduate DeanLeft CWU
1967-97Robert H. Brown
B.S.(Ed), M.S. and 
Ph.D.-University of Arizona
Vertebrate AnatomyEmeritus
1968-73Jack A. Peary
B.S.-City College of N.Y., 
M.S. and Ph.D.-University of Oregon
Plant Physiology/AlgologyLeft CWU
1968-01Stamford D. Smith
B.A.-San Jose State,
M.S. and Ph.D.-University of Idaho
1968-93Ronald J. Boles
B.S.-Kansas State University,
Ph.D.-University of Wisconsin
Science Education/BiologyEmeritus 
Deceased (2001)
1968-69Helen M. Wolfsehr
B.A.-Linfield College, M.S. work at CWU
General BiologyLeft CWU - Retired
1969-97Robert E. Pacha
B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.-University of Washington
1969-03David R. Hosford
B.A.-Portland State University, 
Ph.D.-University of Washington
1970-89Edward J. Harrington
B.S. and M.S.-Tufts University, 
Academic Vice PresidentEmeritus 
Deceased (2009)
1970-99Thomas H. Thelen
B.S.-St. Johns University, 
Ph.D.- University of Minnesota
1972-2000John E. Carr
B.S.and M.A - University of Missouri,
Ph.D.-Oregon State University
Plant PhysiologyDeceased (2000)
1972-72Alice LindahlGeneral BiologyUnknown
1973-98Robert F. Lapen
B.S. Wagner College,
M.S.-Idaho State , 
Ph.D.-Washington State University
1973-78Roland S. Shook
B.S. and M.S.-Colorado State University,
Ph.D.-Arizona State University
Ornithology/EcologyLeft CWU
1974-76Leland (Lee) S. Jahnke
B.A., M.S. and 
Ph.D.-University of Minnesota
Plant PhysiologyTwo year Biotech Grant 
Left CWU
1974-76Dennis Swanger 
B.S. and M.A.-University of Utah
MicrobiologyTwo year Biotech Grant 
Left CWU
1974-75Thomas Trask 
Invertebrate ZoologyOne year 
Biotech Grant 
Left CWU
1987-presentDavid M. Darda 
B.S.-University of Illinois, 
Ph.D.-University of California at Berkeley
Vertebrate Morphology/HerpetologyFaculty member
1989-2005Phillip W. Mattocks
M.S. and Ph.D.- University of Washington
OrnithologyLeft CWU
1990-presentPaul W. James
B.S.-University of Kansas,
M.S.-Southwest Missouri State, 
Ph.D.-Oklahoma State
Ichthyology/EcologyFaculty member
1992-99Michael L. Gleason
B.S.-Pittsberg State University (Kansas), 
Ph.D.-Oklahoma State University
Cell/Molecular BiologyLeft CWU
1994-presentKristina A. Ernest
M.S.-University of Oklahoma, 
Ph.D.-University of New Mexico
Community EcologyFaculty member
1995-2001Louise M. Baxter
B.S.-Washington State University,
M.Ed.-University of Washington,
Ph.D.-University of Northern Colorado
Science Education/BiologyLeft CWU
1995-presentLinda A. Raubeson
B.S.-University of Puget Sound, 
M.S.-University of North Carolina, 
Ph.D.-Yale University
Plant Evolution/GeneticsFaculty member
1996-98Douglas N. Reynolds
B.S.-Yale University,
Ph.D.-Duke University
Plant EcologyLeft CWU
1996-presentDaniel D. Beck
B.S. and M.S.-Utah State University,
Ph.D.-University of Arizona
Physiological Ecolology/HerpetologyFaculty member
1996-presentLixing Sun
B.S. and M.S.-East China Normal, 
Ph.D.-State University of New York
Animal BehaviorFaculty member
1998-presentHolly B. Pinkart
B.S.-Cal State Long Beach,
Ph.D.-University of Tennessee
Microbial EcologyFaculty member
1998-00John L. Ninnemann
B.A.-Saint Olaf College (MN),
M.S.-North Dakota State,
Ph.D.-Colorado State University
Dean of Science
Left CWU
1998-2004Patrick J. Bryan
B.S.-University of Penn, Bloomburg, 
Ph.D.-University of Alabama, Birmingham
Developmental and Invertebrate BiologyLeft CWU
1999-2006Steven D. Verhey
B.A.-Reed College, 
M.S.-University of Washington, 
Ph.D.-Oregon State University
Cell/Molecular BiologyLeft CWU
2000-presentTom R. Cottrell
B.A.-University of Colorado, 
M.S. and Ph.D.-Colorado State University
Plant EcologyFaculty member
2000-presentLucy Bottcher
B.S. University of California, Davis
M.S. Central Washington Univeristy 
Ph.D. Northern Arizona University
Ecology and ZoologyFaculty Member
2001-2007David L. Soltz
A.B.-University of California at Berkeley,
IchthyologyLeft CWU
2001-2007Roberta Soltz
B.A. University of California, Los Angeles
M.S. California State University, Los Angeles
Ph.D. University of California, Irvine
Ecology and Resouce ManagementLeft CWU
2001-presentR. Steven Wagner
B.S.-Central Washington University,
Ph.D.-Oregon State University
Genetics/Conservation BiologyFaculty member
2002-05Candace R. Winstead
B.A.-Augustane College, 
Ph.D.-Loyola University of Chicago
Immunology/VirologyLeft CWU
2002-presentIan J. Quitadamo
B.S., M.S. and 
Ph.D.-Washington State University
Biology/Science EducationFaculty member
2003-presentMary E. Poulson
B.S.-University of Wyoming,
M.S. and Ph.D.-University of Illinois at Urbana
Plant PhysiologyFaculty member
2004-presentJames E. Johnson
B.A. and M.S.-Eastern Illinois, 
Ph.D.-University of Tennessee
Mycology and SystematicsFaculty member
2005-presentJason T. Irwin
B.S.-University of Victoria, 
M.S. and Ph.D.-Miami University of Ohio
Animal Physiology/EntomologyFaculty member
2006-2014Daniel J. Selski
B.A. Berea College
M.S. and Ph.D. University of Rochester (New York)
Neurobiology and AnatomyLeft CWU
2006-presentLucinda Carnell
B.S. California State University, Long Beach 
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Molecular and Cell BiologyFaculty member
2008-presentBlaise Dondji
B.Sc., M.Sc. and M.Phil. University of Yaoundé, Cameroon 
Ph.D. University of Jos, Nigeria
Human Physiology, Microbiology, Parasitology and ImmunologyFaculty member
2010-presentJennifer M. Dechaine,
B.A., Luther College 
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Plant Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology/Science EducationFaculty member

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