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Department of Biological Sciences
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Dr. Sarah Oppelt


Sarah Oppelt, PhD., 
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences


Science Building, Room 236C
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA. 98926-7537




Ph.D. in Molecular, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry. Boston University, Boston MA (2016)
B.A. in Biology. Hartwick College, Oneonta NY (2004)



Genetics, Advanced Cell Biology, Techniques in Biotechnology



My research to date has focused on different aspects of metabolism and how it influences cell fate. Currently, I am working on a project investigating how dyslipidemia causes metabolic distress in tissues, recruits macrophages, and leads to macrophage activation to a pro-inflammatory phenotype.

We are currently recruiting for Masters’ students and undergraduate research projects. Please contact me at to hear about current open projects.


Book Contributions:

Co, E, and SA Oppelt. (2015). Human Infectious Diseases, BI 114 laboratory manual. Boston, MA: Boston University.


Journal Articles:

Oppelt, SA, KM Satko, S Singha, ML Fitzgerald. Excess dietary sucrose exacerbates dyslipidemia and increases inflammation at atherosclerotic plaques in Ldlr-/-mice. In preparation.


Oppelt, SA, W Zhang, and DR Tolan. (2017) Specific regions of the brain are capable of fructose metabolism. Brain Research: 1657, 312-322.


Song, Z, CA Roncal-Jimenez, MA Lanaspa-GarciaSA OppeltM KuwabaraT JensenT MilagresA Andres-HernandoT IshimotoGE GarciaGC JohnsonPS MacLeanLG Sanchez-Lozada, DR TolanRJ Johnson. (2016). Role of Fructose and Fructokinase in Acute Dehydration Induced Vasopressin Gene Expression and Secretion in Mice. Journal of Neurophysiology. DOI: 10.1152/jn.00781.2016


Oppelt, SA, EM Sennott, and DR Tolan. (2015) Aldolase B knockout in mice phenocopies Hereditary Fructose Intolerance in humans. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism. 114; 445-450.


Abstracts and Presentations:

Oppelt, SA, MH Park, A Christ, E Latz, and ML Fitzgerald. (2018) Plaque formation is a dynamic, early response to increased dietary fat feeding in LDLR-/- mice. Gordon Conference: Lipoprotein Metabolism, Waterville Valley, NH.


Oppelt, SA, EM Sennott, and DR Tolan. (2014) Aldolase B knockout in mice phenocopies Hereditary Fructose Intolerance in humans. Keystone Symposia: Liver Metabolism and Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), Whistler, British Columbia, CA.


Oppelt, SA, W Zhang, J Crandall, and DR Tolan. (2009) Neurons: sweeter than we thought! Genes for fructose metabolism in the brain. Boston University Science and Engineering Day, Boston, MA.


Oppelt, SA, EM Coffee, J Stopa, C Ritterson, M Jimenez, F Rago, and DR Tolan. (2009) Tackling genetic diseases through enzymology, chemical genetics, and gene-targeting.
Boston University Biology Department Recruitment, Boston, MA.




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