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Department of Biological Sciences
Science Building, Room 338
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7537
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Dr. Ian J. Quitadamo

Ian J. Quitadamo, Professor

Science Building, Room 236F
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7537
(509) 963-2745

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Washington State University (Interdisciplinary in Science, Education, and Technology), 2002.


Biology: Cell Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology for Teachers, Biology for Non-majors. Science Education: Secondary, Middle-level, and Elementary Methods, Interdisciplinary Science Inquiry. Working to reform science education through research in critical thinking and inquiry, and train K-20 teacher/scholars. Emphasize scientific approaches to instruction, curriculum, and assessment.


Neuro-cognitive basis of critical thinking, science learning/performance assessment, cancer biology/tumor angiogenesis, endothelial cell function.

Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed: **: graduate; *:undergraduate

  • Quitadamo, I.J., Brahler, C.J., and Grouch, G. (2009). Peer Led Team Learning: A Potential Method for IncreasingCritical Thinking in Advanced Undergraduate Science Courses. ScienceEducator, 18(1): 29-39.
  • Quitadamo, I. J.,Faiola, C. L.*, Johnson, J. E., Kurtz, M. J. (2008). Community-based Inquiry ImprovesCritical Thinking in General Education Biology. Cell Biology Education-Life Science Education, 7(3):327-37.
  • Quitadamo, I.J. and Kurtz, M. (2007). Learning to Improve: UsingWriting to Increase Critical Thinking Performance in General Education Biology.Cell Biology Education-Life ScienceEducation, 6(3): 140-154.
  • Wood, P.**, Quitadamo, I.J., Loverro, I., and DePaepe, J.L. (2007). A WebQuestfor Spatial Skills. Science and Children, 44(7),21-25.
  • Quitadamo, I.J., Kurtz, M. J., Sorey, T. L., Pratt-Sitaula, B., and Palmquist, B. (2006). Using e-Portfolios to Evaluate Pre-Service Teacher Performance.Washington Science Teachers Journal, 46(3), 20-27.
  • Kurtz, M. J. Oursland, M. and Quitadamo, I.J. (2006). Cougars across the Curriculum: Using Just-in-Time Technology to Support Integrated Student Research, Pre-Service Teacher Development, and Enhanced K-12 Learning. Leadership Information, 5(4), 31-39.
  • Kurtz, M. J. Oursland, M. and Quitadamo, I.J. (2005). Enhancing the Technological Proficiencies of Educators through Community- based Research. Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology Monograph, 17-27.
  • Quitadamo, I. J., and Campanella, R.* (2005). Cougars, Curriculum, and Community: A PBL Curriculum Provides Students with Valuable Interdisciplinary Learning Experiences. The Science Teacher, 72(4), 28-31.
  • Hines, S. A., Collins, P. L., Quitadamo, I. J., Brahler, C. J., Knudson, C. D.*, and Crouch, G. J. (2005). ATLes: The Strategic Application of Web-based Technology to Address Learning Objectives and Enhance Classroom Discussion in a Veterinary Pathology Course.  Journal of Veterinary Medical Education, 32(1), 103-112.
  • Brahler, C. J., Quitadamo, I. J., and Johnson, E. C. (2002). Student Critical Thinking is Enhanced by Developing Exercise Prescription Plans in Online Learning Modules. Advances in Physiology Education, 26(1-4), 210-221.
  • Johnson, E. K., Schelling, M. E., Quitadamo, I. J., Andrew, S.*, and Johnson, E. C. (2002). Cultivation and Characterization of Coronary Microvascular Endothelial Cells: A Novel Porcine Model Using Micropigs. Microvascular Research, 64(2), 278-288.
  • Quitadamo, I. J., Kostman, T. A., Schelling, M. E., and Francesci, V. R. (2000). Magnetic Bead Purification as a Rapid and Efficient Method for Enhanced Antibody Specificity for Plant Sample Immunoblotting and Immunolocalization. Plant Science, 153(1), 7-14.
  • Quitadamo, I. J., and Schelling, M. E. (1998). Efficient Purification of Mouse Anti-FGF Receptor IgM Monoclonal Antibody by Magnetic Beads. Hybridoma, 17(2), 199-207.

In Press:

  • Quitadamo, I.J.Kurtz, M.J., Griffin, L.*, Holstad, J.*, Hunter, B.*, and Cornell, C.** (2010).Critical Thinking Grudge Match - Biology vs. Chemistry: Examining Factors that Affect Thinking Skill in Non-Majors Science. Journal of College Science Teaching. In press. Submitted/Under Review:
  • Gao, M.**, Quitadamo, I.J., Kurtz, M.J., and Greenwald, R.R.(2010). Using Inquiry Teaching to Promote Student Critical Thinking and ContentKnowledge in a Nonmajors Biology Course. Journalof College Science Teaching. Submitted.

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