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College of the Sciences

Dennis W. Farrell Pre-Medicine Scholarship


The award is for tuition, books, and science laboratory fees for the upcoming academic year! 

Apply through the Scholarship Central portal (deadlines for applying for the general portal application and the Farrell application materials will be posted on the Scholarship Office website).

Please read the application carefully and make sure you meet all eligibility requirements before you apply.


To Apply Online Through Scholarship Central:

1.  Log in and complete the Scholarship Central general application at  If you meet the minimum requirements on the general application, you will then have access to the Farrell Scholarship via the Scholarship Central Dashboard. 

2.  On the Scholarship Central Dashboard, you can upload the Farrell application materials by clicking on the "Complete Follow-Up" button. 

3.  You will then see the application instructions under the heading "Apply for this Scholarship".  If you don't already have an application form* (available below), you can download it directly from the Scholarship Central Dashboard.

4.  Three, confidential letters of recommendation are required.  When applying, please input the names and email addresses of your letter writers.  They will be sent an email with a link that will allow them to upload their letter directly to the application.

     Please allow time for you letter writers, so that they are able to upload their letters prior to the deadline.

5.  Once you have completely filled out the application and collected all of your unofficial transcripts, you should upload them altogether as a single PDF file by clicking the "Upload File" button.

6.  After uploading the application PDF, the "Resubmit Application" button will activate.  You must click on this button to make the material available to reviewers.

The application materials will be posted electronically each year on this webpage prior to the deadline. An announcement for when these materials are available will be sent out to students; please check your CWU email. 

*Dennis W. Farrell Pre-Medicine Scholarship application materials are available here [Word Document] [PDF], but you must upload and submit them through the Scholarship Central portal.  If you have any issues with this, please contact the Scholarship Office.

Please contact Dr. Fabry-Asztalos or Dr. Blaise Dondji if you have any questions about the scholarship.



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