Committees and Assignments


Personnel: Beck (Chair), Wagner, Quirk

Graduate: Irwin (Chair), Ernest, Sun

Curriculum: Johnson, Dondji, Arango, Dechaine, Carnell

Assessment: Quitadamo, Irwin, Scoville

Space: Kris, Linda

Safety: Dondji (Chair), Wilcox, Raubeson, Betz, Foss, Pinkart

Senate: Binder, Pinkart, Scoville (Alternate)

Tours: Beck, Betz, Dechaine, Carnell, Foss

Biology Club: Betz, Cottrell (Fall Qtr), Darda (Winter & Spring)?

Pre-Vet Club: Irwin, Beck


Collections: Cottrell, Ernest, Alison Scoville, Sun, Weaver, Johnson, Jerry Scoville, Irwin

Natural Science Seminars: Beck, Darda, Irwin

Web Advisory Board:  Knirck, Wagner, Carnell

Advising: Johnson, Ernest, Pinkart, Carnell, Dondji (Pre-Med), Irwin (Pre-Vet)

Library: Wagner




Personnel CommitteeGraduate CommitteeCurriculum CommitteeBioSafety CommitteeSpace Committee
BeckJohnsonJamesStrykerM. Bottcher
WengerErnestDondjiM. BottcherErnest
QuirkIrwinArango Foss

Animal Facility: Beck

Assessment:  Raubeson, Quitadamo, Carnell, Irwin

Aquaria: James

Aquatics Facility: James

Arboretum: Mary Poulson

Biology Club, Tri-Beta: Stryker

Collections Curators: Fungi (Johnson), Plants (Cottrell), Insects (Irwin), Fish (James), Amphibians and Reptiles (Darda, Beck, Wagner), Birds, (Mattocks, J. Scoville), Mammals (Ernest)

Dumas Lecture: Darda

Faculty Senate: Arango, Johnson (Delegates) Scoville (Alternate)

Greenhouse: Poulson

Instrument Tech. Committee: Darda, M. Bottcher

Library Rep.: Johnson

Natural Science Seminar: Beck

Science Occupants Committee (SOC): Bottcher, Poulson

Union Steward: Pinkart

Web Site: Knirck, Carnell, Quitadamo, Dechaine