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Biology Club


The Biology Club is meeting Wednesday, October 14 at 6:00pm in Science Commons [SCIE 311]  

Check back here for future dates/times!

For more information, please contact one of the officers or the Biology Department.

Club Officers and Contacts

Image of Biology Club members at swamp lake.


Biology Club participates at Darwin Day, 2008.

Biology faculty at Darwin Day, 2008.
Biology faculty members Lucinda Carnell, Jim Johnson, 
Jason Irwin and Paul James at the 2008 Darwin Day Celebration
Guest speaker at Darwin Day, 2008.
Ken Kardong, guest speaker, and Dave Darda, CWU Biology, 
at the 2008 Darwin Day Celebration.

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Beta Beta Beta Biological National Honor Society Initiates Students

Recently twenty-one students from Central Washington University were initiated into the prestigious Beta Beta Beta Biological National Honor Society. Students who have outstanding academic accomplishments, participate in community service, and are committed to the study of Biology were considered for this society. BBB is dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research. Honored guests at the ceremony included Dr. Meghan Miller, Interim Dean of the College of Sciences, Dr. David Darda, Chairperson of Biological Sciences, and Dr. Tom Cottrell, Advisor to CWU BBB Chapter. The Biology president Neetu Singh says that this club serves as the home for the honor society at CWU. The club is very popular among biology students, with total enrolled club membership greater than 40 students, and more than 60 students participating in un-official ways.

Image of Beta Beta Beta Initiation

List of participants, left to right:

  • Back Row: Dayrk Flaugh, Jonathan Betz, Heather Yergen, Lindy Mullen, Niki Paulk, Josh Leigh, Diedra Sash
  • Middle Row: Stephanie Jackson, Kathy Fosnaugh, Jennifer Lannoye, Cassandra Kercher, Sierra Hartley, Dan McGuire, Neetu Singh, Nick Omatsu, Marion Snider
  • Front Row: Dr. David Darda, Dr. Tom Cottrell, Dr. Meghan Miller
  • Not pictured: Lindsey Shank, Jennifer Sunkel, Emily Lemaster, and Joe Blake

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