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Brother 2 Brother

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Brother 2 Brother
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Brother 2 Brother

As men, we who attend Central Washington University strive for success academically and professionally.

About the Program

Brother 2 Brother (B2B) is a dynamic organization established specifically to assist our participants to excel academically, socially, culturally, professionally, and in the community. B2B is primarily comprised of male students who strive for academic excellence and make a commitment to plan and implement programs that benefit their community at large. We encourage our participants to embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other through a strong commitment to academic achievement, brotherhood, and community service.

We provide weekly study sessions, weekly developmental seminars for students of all ages, business meetings, social and religious activities, and work with various non-profit service agencies.

Our Mission

The mission of Brother 2 Brother is for all men at Central Washington University to take full advantage of their academic years and to better understand and practice their full responsibilities, rights, and privileges as citizens of this country.

Additionally, B2B works in the community with younger males in need of guidance and direction. One of our objectives is that all B2B members will be role models for each other as well as other males in the community. It is our hope that members are well prepared to enter the work force as professionals and be among the best competing for a meaningful place in their communities and in our society.

To achieve these goals and objectives, B2B will provide educational and cultural activities for its members and others.

Core Values

  • AccountabilityResponsibility to someone or some activity.
  • Proactive LeadershipThe essence of being proactive vs reactive as leaders. We need some "right now" leaders who are about the business of taking care of business.
  • Self-Discipline: Learning to take responsibility for controlling your own self and conduct.
  • Intellectual DevelopmentConditioning your brain to be more and more capable of understanding, analyzing, and evaluating concepts to help you makes sense of the world around you.


Cultivating a Passion for Excellence

For inquiries, contact Andre Dickerson at 509-963-1667

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