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College of Education and Professional Studies

Professional Pilot Application

Note that the application is complete only when the following requirements are met:

  1. Applicant has been accepted to CWU.
  2. The online Aviation application is completed and submitted.
  3. All required supporting documents are received.

Please have the following documents prepared before beginning the application process:

  1. A copy of your high school or college transcript.
    › This is IN ADDITION to any transcripts sent to CWU Admissions.
    › Please obscure social security number before submitting.
  2. A copy of an FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate
    › Click here for information about obtaining a medical.
  3. A Letter of Recommendation from flight instructors, professors, teachers.
    › No friends or family please.

Please note: this application form is new as of January 2016. If you happen to encounter any issues, please contact us.


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Basic Information
You must have applied and been accepted to CWU before your application may be given consideration.
You must have a valid CWU STUDENT ID NUMBER before your application will be complete. You'll receive your ID NUMBER when you've applied to and been accepted to Central.
If you selected "other" from the list above, we'd like to know how you heard about us.

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