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Teresa Sloan

Teresa Sloan

Professor Sloan is a 1977 graduate of Central Washington University's Aerospace Science, Flight Officer degree and was the first woman to graduate from the program. She is an Airline Transport rated pilot with 1900 hours of dual flight instruction given and six years of experience flying in Alaska. She was the Chief Pilot and Company Check Airmen for her family owned air taxi operation in Cordova, Alaska. She owns and flies a Pietenpol Air Camper and a 1946 Ercoupe. She lives in Ellensburg with her husband.


  • Faculty Advisor, Aviation Living Learning Community
  • Stage Check Pilot
  • Member, CWU Academic Appeals Committee
  • Member, Ellensburg Airport Advisory Committee
  • Past Faculty Advisor, NIFA Flight Team
  • Past Faculty Advisor, Alpha Eta Rho
  • President, Ellensburg Chapter 492 Experimental Aircraft Association

Professional Papers & Presentations:

  • Sloan, T.A., Lundin, M., Wilson, D., & Robinnette, R. (2010, Fall). The use of test anxiety assessment and anxiety reduction training to predict and improve performance of collegiate pilot trainees. Collegiate Aviation Review, 28(2), 60-68.
  • Sloan, T. A., & Wilson, D. R. (2009). Assessment and intervention strategies for test anxiety in aviation students. Journal of Aviation/Aerospace Education and Research, 19(1), 9-14.
  • Sloan, T. A. (2006) Recruitment and retention of Native American flight technology students. College Aviation Review, 24(1), 159-65.
  • Sloan, T. A. (2003). Taking the Lost Out of Lost Communications. Collegiate Aviation Review. 21(1), 73-81.
  • Wilson, D. R. and Sloan, T. A. (2003, Fall). VFR Flight into IMC. Reducing the Hazard. Journal of Aviation /Aerospace Education and Research. 13(1), 29-42.
  • Sloan, T. A. (2000). Collision Avoidance at Non-Towered Airports. Collegiate Aviation Review. 18(1). 70-85.
  • Women in Aviation International: Concurrent Speaker; presentation on National Air Tour 2003. March 2004, Reno, NV
  • Women in Aviation International: Concurrent Speaker; joint presentation with Dale Wilson on Collision Avoidance. March 2000
  • Instruction, WSDOT Flight Instructor Refresher Course, October 2001, January 2002


  • Experimental Aircraft Association
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
  • Women in Aviation International
  • University Aviation Association
  • The Ninety-Nines

Courses Taught:

AVP232 - History of Aviation
AVP141 - Principles of Flight I
AVP142 - Principles of Flight II
AVP241 - Instrument Pilot I
AVP242 - Instrument Pilot II
AVP331 - National Airspace System
AVP354 - Commerical Pilot
AVP332 - Aircraft Systems II
AVP333 - Air Transportation
AVP348 - Air Carrier Operations
AVP444&4455 - Multiengine Flight Simulator, Baron and King Air

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