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Dr. Amy Hoover

Amy at Johnson Creek

Dr. Amy Hoover  Professor and Department Chair

Dr. Hoover has over 6000 flight hours, including 3800 hours giving flight instruction. Additionally she has logged over 1200 hours of instruction time in flight simulators.  Her journey into Aviation started in the early 1980's when her work as a geologist and white water river guide entailed flights into the remote river canyons in central Idaho; she has been hooked ever since.  Hoover obtained her private license in 1988 and bought a 1947 Cessna 120, which she flew from Idaho to Florida and back, stopping over for the winter to obtain her instrument rating, commercial pilot license, and flight instructor rating.

In 1992, she landed a job as a backcountry Air Taxi pilot and began teaching mountain flying for the FAA.  She combined her love of flying with love of teaching, and began work as a full time instructor in 1995.  A year later she and two other women flight instructors started the McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars to promote safety in the Idaho back country, and Hoover authored articles and training materials on back country flying.  Using her expertise in curriculum development and technical writing, Hoover has developed training materials that are still used today in several Idaho back country flying seminars, and she is contributing editor for Power Cruising and Pilot Getaways Magazines.

In order to reach out to a broader spectrum in Aviation, Hoover took a position as director of the Aviation Program at Mt. Hood Community College, and after several years there took a position with the faculty at Central Washington University as an Associate Professor of Aviaiton.  She still keeps her hand in flying and teaching in the Idaho backcountry, and enjoys exploring and flying in other mountain areas of the west, including the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Colorado as well as canyon country in Utah and Arizona, and rugged northern Cascades in Washington.

Hoover has published approximately 30 articles and manuals on Mountain and Canyon Flying and has given more than 80 presentations to various organizations through the U.S.  Her current research interests are in single pilot concurrent task management and multi-crew cockpit operations.  She is also the owner of "Canyon Flying", a company specializing in tailwheel and back country flying in Idaho and Washington.

See more of those at Canyon Flying


Ph.D.  Education, 2005; Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR                
            Summa Cum Laude, Chancellor’s List, Wolf Aviation Fund Grant
M.S.    Geology, 1987; Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
             Summa Cum Laude, Texaco and Chevron scholarships, Graduate Teaching Assistantship
B.S.     Geology, 1983; Texas Christian University, Fort Worth Texas 
             Summa Cum Laude, National Merit Scholar, Senior Honor Scholar, President's Scholar   
A.A.    General studies, 1980; University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida  
            Summa Cum Laude, National Merit Scholar, President's Scholar, Varsity Rowing


Distinctions and Awards related to Education and Aviation:

  • 2011   Recognition for University Service in Strategic Planning, CWU Board of Trustees
  • 2011   Presidential Faculty Leadership Award, CWU President
  • 2008   Rotary Club of Ellensburg, Service above Self Award
  • 2008   Research Award, Department of Aviation; CEPS Award
    2008    Who’s Who in American Women
  • 2008    Outstanding Scholar Award, Department of Aviation; CEPS Award
  • 2008    Who’s Who in American Women
  • 2007    Outstanding Scholar Award, Department of Aviation; CEPS Award
  • 2007    Who’s Who in America
  • 2006    CEPS Excellence in Teaching Award, CWU Alumni Association
  • 2006    Women’s Achievement Award, CWU Center for Student Empowerment
  • 2006    Distinguished Educator VIP, United States Air Force, Tyndall Air Force Base
  • 2005    Who’s Who in America’s Teachers (student nominated)
  • 2004    Outstanding Teacher award, National Residence Hall Honorarium
  • 2001    Leadership Award for Outstanding Service, Mt. Hood Community College
  • 2000    Who’s Who in America’s Teachers (student nominated)
  • 1994    Amelia Earhart Scholar, International 99’s Women Pilots


Peer reviewed Publications:

  • Hoover, A.L. (2008).  Educational Learning Theories: Informing the Fundamentals of Instruction.  International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies, 8(2), 363-370. Oklahoma City; FAA.
  • Hoover, A.L. (2008).  Long Term Effect of Concurrent Task Management Training on Single Pilot Task Prioritization Performance.  International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies, 8(1), 12-19. Oklahoma City; FAA.            
  • Hoover, A.L. (2007). Prioritizing Tasks in the Cockpit: A Review of Cognitive Processing Models, Methods of Dealing with Cognitive Limitations, and Training Strategies for Curricular D Design. Collegiate Aviation Review, 23(1). Auburn, AL: University Aviation Association.
  • Hoover, A.L. & Russ-Eft, D.F. (2005). Effect of Concurrent Task Management Training on Single Pilot Task Prioritization Performance. International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies, 5(2), 233-252. Oklahoma City; FAA.
  • Russ-Eft, D. & Hoover, A. L. (2005). Experimental and quasi-experimental designs. In R.A. Swanson & E. F. Holton (Eds.), Research in organizations: Foundations and methods of inquiry, pp.75-95. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler.
  • Hoover, A.L. & Funk, K. H. (2005). Experimental Analysis of Task Prioritization Training for a Group of University Flight Technology Students. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Oklahoma City, OK, April 18- 21, p. 247-252.

Editorial reviewed Publications:

  • Hoover, A.L. (2007).  Pier Group.  Power Cruising, 7(2), 12-15.
  • Hoover, A. L. (2005). Bend, Oregon: High Desert Splendor. Pilot Getaways, 8(1), 30-36.
  • Hoover, A. (2004). Canyon weather part 2; convergence, turbulence, venturis, and more. Pilot Getaways, 7(2), 82.
  • Hoover, A. (2004). Canyon weather part 1; the effects of wind and sun. Pilot Getaways, 7(1), 82.
  • Hoover, A. (2003) Manzanita, Nehalam Bay. Pilot Getaways, 6(3), 36-42.
  • Hoover, A. L. (2003). New designs for career and technical education design review No. 46: transportation, distribution, logistics career cluster. In Wolfe, J. & Copa, G. (Eds.), New Designs for Career and Technical Education at the Secondary and Postsecondary Levels: Compendium of Design Reviews of Related Research, Policies, and Exemplary Practices (pp. 123-125). St. Paul, Minnesota: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Minnesota.
  • Hoover, A. (2002) Uphill, downhill; airstrips with a gradient. Pilot Getaways, 5(2),
  • Hoover, A. L. (2001). Canyon turns: between a rock and a hard place.. Pilot Getaways, 4(4), 62.
  • Hoover, A. L. (2001). Smiley Creek, Idaho: Sawtooth adventure. Pilot Getaways, 4(2), 50-54.
  • Hoover, A. L. (2001). Soft, hot, & high takeoffs: it's a different game at high density altitude. Pilot Getaways, 4(2), 58.
  • Hoover, A. (2000). McCall, Idaho: lakeside mountain adventure. Pilot Getaways, 3(2), 47-52.
  • Hoover, A. (2000). Go-arounds: making the decision. Pilot Getaways, 3(2), 54.
  • Hoover, A. L. (2000). Mountain and canyon flying (2nd ed.). McCall, ID, McCall Mountain/Canyon Flying Seminars, 62 pp.
  • Hoover, A. (1999). How to lighten up: understanding density altitude. Pilot Getaways, 2(3), 45-46.
  • Hoover, A. (1999). Flying a constricted approach. Pilot Getaways, 2(2), 54.


College and University courses developed and taught

Advanced Navigation
Air Transportation
Aircraft Systems
Applied meteorology
Aviation Human Factors
Aviation weather

Aviation Management           
Certified Flight instructor
Commercial Pilot
Crew Resource Management   Fundamentals of Flight
Fundamentals of Instruction
History of Aviation
Instrument Flight instructor


Instrument Pilot         
Mountain and Canyon Flying
Multiengine simulator/EFIS
National Airspace System
Private Pilot
Turbine Simulator/FMS

Aviation and Education Experience

  • Commercial Pilot, ASEL, AMEL - Total flight time: 6500
  • Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane, Instrument - As Flight Instructor: 3800
  • Certificated under FAR 141 - As Simulator instructor: 1400


Professional Speaking Engagements: date and location

  • February, 2011  22nd  Annual Women in Aviation International Conference; Reno, NV
  • February, 2011 Keynote Speaker, Washington Pilots Association Annual Banquet, Spokane WA
  • June, 2010   FAA WINGS Seminar, Yakima WA
  • October, 2010 Managing Tasks in the Cockpit.  EAA Chapter 492 Speaker, Ellensburg, WA
  • March, 2009 Aviation and Safety – a Great combination. 16th Annual Expanding Your Horizons Workshop, Ellensburg, WA
  • February 19, 2009 Unique Avian populations of Baja, Mexico – Kittitas Audubon society, Ellensburg, WA
  • October, 2008 Ellensburg Rotary Club, Ellensburg, WA
  • March, 2008 Washington Pilots Association Annual Banquet, Spokane WA
  • October, 2007 University Aviation Association Annual Conference, San Jose, CA
  • August, 2007     Oregon Pilots Association Annual Conference, Albany, Oregon
  • March, 2007     Northwest Aviation Safety Education Conference, Aurora Oregon
  • April, 2006       FAA Wings Seminar, Ellensburg, WA
  • October, 2005   Idaho Trans Dept Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic, Lewiston, ID
  • August, 2005, 04, 02, 01, 00       FAA Northwest Family Fly-in; McCall, ID
  • April, 2005      International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, Oklahoma City
  • September 2004     Washington State Dept of Trans Mountain Flying Clinic, Wenatchee WA
  • August 2004     Northwest Aviation Education Symposium, Aurora Oregon
  • June, 2004, 2000, 1999, 96     FAA River of No Return Mountain Flying Clinic, Challis ID
  • May, 2004     Washington Pilot's Association, Yakima, WA
  • March 2004     Women in Aviation International Conference; Reno, NV
  • October, 2003     Idaho Trans Dept Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic, Post Falls, ID
  • June 2003     Experimental Aircraft Association; Grand Junction, CO
  • June 2003, 01, May 2002     Experimental Aircraft Association; Mulino, OR
  • June 2003, May 2001, 02     Oregon Pilots Association; Troutdale, OR
  • May 2003     Association of Naval Aviators High Desert Squadron; Bend, OR
  • May 2003, 02, April 2000     Oregon Pilots Association; Salem, OR
  • March 2003, May 2002, 01     Oregon Pilots Association; Mulino, OR
  • January 2003, May 2002, March 2000, April, 1999     International 99's; Portland, OR
  • October 2002, April 2000, February 1999     Oregon Pilots Association; Beaverton, OR
  • October 2002, May 2001, February 2000     Washington Pilots Association; Vancouver, WA
  • September 2002, 01, 00     Oregon Air Fair; Albany OR
  • April 2002, May 2000     International 99's; Vancouver, WA
  • March 2002, 01, 1999, 98     Idaho Aviation Festival; Boise, ID
  • March 2002, February 1998     Columbia Aviation Association; Aurora, OR

Professional Associations (year joined)

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (1989)
Experimental Aircraft Association (1990)
National Association of Flight Instructors (1996)
Vice President, EAA Chapter 492, 2003, 2004
Oregon Pilot's Association (1999) - Vice President, 2002 Idaho Aviation Association (1990)
International 99's (1990)
Amelia Earhart Scholar, 1994
Women in Aviation International (1999)
University Aviation Association (1999)



Related Service Activities:

  •  Journal Reviewer, International Journal of Applied Aviation Studies:  2005 to present
  • CWU Academic Service Learning Faculty Fellow: 2004 to present
  • Flight technology Living Learning Community Faculty advisor: 2003 ? 2005
  • Director, CWU Women?s ACES Academy: 2004 to present: implemented and operate industry-sponsored summer camp to introduce girls to education and career fields in aviation, construction management, engineering, and industrial safety
  • AOPA Project Pilot Instructor: 1994 to present
  • EAA Young Eagles volunteer:  2003 to 2005
  • Boise Parks and recreation Volunteer:  2002 to present ? Wilderness Within Reach program to introduce physically and developmentally challenged individuals to outdoor activities and opportunities

Other Activities and interests:         

  •  Ellensburg Campus Community Orchestra , 2005 to present
  • KittitasCounty Audubon Society , 2004 to present


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