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College of Education and Professional Studies

Medical Examiners

Proof of obtaining a First Class Airman’s Medical Certificate must be submitted with the professional pilot application form (not the general CWU application) for admission into the professional pilot degree at Central Washington University.

It is important that you schedule an appointment with an approved FAA Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), not any other doctor, and request a Class 1 medical (not a Class 2 or 3). Beginning students also need to request a Student Pilot Certificate when they receive their medical. Some AMEs may suggest that you only need a Class 3 medical, since that is all you need to qualify for a Student Pilot Certificate. However, you should explain that you eventually want to be a commercial airline pilot and CWU requires a Class 1 to prove that you are medically fit (at least at the time of the medical examination).

You may find out which physicians in your area are qualified to perform First Class medical examinations by clicking on the button below. The FAA maintains a current database of medical professionals that are able to issue and renew medical certificates.

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