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Facilities and Flight Training Devices

Flight Training Devices

Central Washington University utilizes an all Frasca fleet of FTD's, including a G58 Baron TruFlite FTD with G1000, King Air 200 and a CRJ-200 AATD.  All three training devices include Frasca's TruVision visual system.  Central Washington University is a longtime customer with several Frasca devices in use.



The Aviation Training Center is located at Bowers Field, near the CWU campus. Most flight related academic courses are taught in Black Hall on the CWU campus and at the Aviation Training Center.


Flight Training Devices

The center's FTD rooms houses $1.5 million worth of flight training equipment, which includes: a PC lab for computer-based training, two Frasca 141 single engine FTD's, a Frasca TrueFlight Baron G58 FTD with Garmin G1000 glass flight deck, a Frasca 242T which simulates a Super King Air 200 pressurized twin turboprop aircraft, and a Frasca CRJ 200.

The simulator training you receive as part of our program will be invaluable to you. The major benefits derived from this training includes: Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, Line-Oriented Flight Training (LOFT), Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) familiarization, HSI, RMI, RNAV, Autopilot and Flight Director operation, and Flight Management System (FMS) operation.