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Department of Aviation
Black Hall 225
(509) 963-2364
Flight Training Center
(509) 925-4008

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Black Hall

The Department of Aviation is located in Black Hall, Room 225. Most flight related academic courses are taught on the CWU campus in Black Hall. The Chair, Professors, Aviation Academic Advisor, and the Secretary are all located here.


Aviation Training Center (ATC)

The Aviation Training Center (ATC) is located at 807 Elmview Road in Ellensburg, just north of the main CWU campus. Some of the academic classes are also taught in this building. This is also where our simulators are housed. 


Flight Training Center (FTC)

The Flight Training Center (FTC) is located at 1101 Bowers Rd in Ellensburg, just east of the ATC building. This is where the actual flight training takes place and where our airplanes and flight instructors are located at. As a student, this is where you will spend the majority of your time for your flight training. 

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