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Office of the Provost

WICHE Philosophy & Structure

Central Washington University transitioned to a Responsibility Center Management (RCM)/Activity Based Budgeting (ABB) system on July 1, 2017:

CWU Budget Governance Philosophy:

  • Shared responsibility
  • System of checks and balances regarding model goals
    • Ensure University goals are met
    • Ensure transparency of budget policies and processes
    • Academic and Administrative representation
    • President has final authority
      • Consultation with Cabinet
      • Consideration of Executive Budget Committee recommendations
      • All budget committees are advisory in nature

CWU Budget Governance Structure:

  • Board of Trustees
    • President (Cabinet)
      • President’s Budget Advisory Committee recommendations
        • Allocation Subcommittee
        • Space & Equipment Subcommittee
        • Tuition Waiver Subcommittee

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