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Office of the Provost

Managing a Major Institutional Change: Shift in Budget Models

Gail Mackin
Associate Provost for Undergraduate & Faculty Affairs



RCM/ABB are designed to:

  • Put greater emphasis and clearer authority and accountability at the level of the Deans; provide colleges with more ownership of budgeting process
  • Enhance transparency about both revenues and the costs of operating our institution
  • Provide motivation to achieve and optimize revenue generation and cost effective practices
  • Encourage innovation and challenge silos


Keys to a smooth implementation:


Coordinated Model Development

  • Reliable baseline data for colleges and support units
  • Dynamic design development based on input from stakeholders
  • Simple, robust model based on institutional mission and values

Clear goals

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation: Expansion of revenue and increased efficiency
  • Culture of Accountability: Transparency is imperative to success

Shared Governance

  • President & President’s Cabinet
  • College Deans and Faculty
  • Academic and Operational Support Units
  • Faculty Senate and Staff Senate

Clear and Regular Communication

  • Public Forums:  Multiple opportunities for discussion: new terminology, new mind set and change in culture
  • Budget Summits: All units present yearly budget report and submit allocation increase requests
  • All committee meetings open to campus community
  • Up to date, comprehensive websites

Continuous Improvement

  • Solicit feedback from stakeholders
  • Acknowledge strengths and weaknesses of model
  • Adjust prudently when necessary

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