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Associate Provost

Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC)

The Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) advises the Enterprise Information Systems Committee and recommends policies, procedures, and projects related to the support of instructional and academic technologies and associated enterprise-related systems (EISC Procedures).  Reviews long-range strategic plans, and assists with software and hardware procurement strategies and trends for academic and instructional information technology to be used at CWU.  The ATAC will review the prioritization of instructional and academic technology projects, and recommend changes where appropriate.


2016-2017 Membership List

Council Chair:

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies – Natalie Lupton ext 2064 MS 7488

List of Active Members:

Provost Designee  – Anne Cubilie  ext 1404 MS 7421

Executive Director of Multimodal Learning – Chris Schedler ext 1357 MS 7403      

Library Designee – Ping Fu ext 1543 MS 7548

Executive Director of Extended Programs-– Melanie Palm ext 1407 MS 7421

Director of Networks and Operations – Gregory Harvill ext 2934 MS 7436

Student Success Designee – Bill Thelen ext 1860 MS 7427

Facilities Management Designee – Doug Ryder ext 1893 MS 7523

Institutional Effectiveness Designee Michael Reichert ext 2403 MS 7512

Faculty from CAH (2016-2019) – Mark Samples ext 1326 MS 7458

Faculty from CEPS (2016-2019) – Julie Bonner ext 2630 MS 7488

Faculty from CB (2015-2018) – Keke Wu ext 2388 MS 7485

Faculty from COTS (2015-2018) – Yvonne Chueh ext 2124 MS 7424

Faculty from Library (2015-2018) – Zebulin Evelhoch ext 1081 MS 7548

Student – vacant



Academic Technology Advisory Council Minutes

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