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Asian Studies


Asian Studies Program

Professor Jeffrey Dippmann (Director)
Language & Literature 337-C
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7555
Phone: 963-1830/1190

Asian Studies Summer 2017

AST 301 or CHIN 301            Chinese Literature in Translation           ONLINE

AST 102                                    Intro to Asian Studies                              ONLINE

The Asian Studies Program is offering two courses Online this summer (June 19 - July 28). AST 102: Intro to Asian Studies (3 credits) and AST 301/CHIN 301 Chinese Literature in Translation (4 credits). Join Professor Dippmann for one or both of these exciting courses. AST 102 fulfills General Education requirements in the Perspectives on World Cultures category within Social and Behavioral Sciences. AST 301 fulfills the Aesthetic Experience category of the Asian Studies major and minor.

Asian Studies Courses Fall 2017
All courses are 5 credits unless otherwise noted. See the program requirements for specific information on how a particular course fits into your program of study.

COURSE NUMBER                    TITLE                               DAYS                  TIMES

AST 102                                     Intro to Asian Studies                                 ONLINE

CHIN 151                                    1st Year                            M-F                      9-9:50 AM
CHIN 251                                    2nd Year                           M-F                      10-10:50 AM
CHIN 461 (4 credits)                Chinese Cinema              T TH                     2-3:40 PM

COM 302 (4 credits)                  Intercultural Com           M-TH                    9-9:50 AM
COM 302 A01 (4)                       Intercultural Com           Online                   TBA
COM 302 A02 (4)                       Intercultural Com           Online                   TBA

HIST 398                                     Gender & History            M-F                       1-1:50 PM
                                                        In Modern Asia

JAPN 151                                   1st Year                            M-F                       9-9:50 AM
JAPN 151                                   1st Year                            M-F                      10-10:50 AM
JAPN 251                                   2nd Year                           M-F                      10-10:50 AM
JAPN 361                                   Comp, Gramm &             M-F                       11-11:50 AM
                                                        Conversation I
JAPN 462                                  Japanese Cinema           MW                       1-2:40 PM

PHIL 106                                   Asian Philosophy             M-F                       10-10:50 AM

POSC 373                                 Int’l Pol Pacific Rim          M-TH                    12-12:50 PM

RELS 351                                  Rels of China & Japan     MW                       12-1:50 PM

TH 375 (4 credits)                  Asian Drama                      T TH                      12-12:50 PM



AST 102                                  Intro to Asian Studies                                Winter 2018

RELS 352                                Religions of India                                        Winter 2018

GEOG 375                               Geography of Asia                                Winter or Spring 2018

HIST 398                                 Vietnamese History                                    Spring 2018

PHIL 345                                 Chinese Philosophy                                    Spring 2018



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