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ASCWU Student Government

Clubs and Organizations

Meet your ASCWU Clubs and Organizations VP, Bailey Kinker

As the Vice President of Clubs & Organizations, Bailey and her staff members are in charge of managing the recruitment, recognition and day-to-day engagement for over 140 clubs at CWU. The Vice President acts as liaison between administration and CWU clubs & organizations, and leads Club Senate and Funds Council meetings.

About Club Senate

Club Senate is composed of a Senator from every club or organization recognized by the ASCWU Student Government. It is chaired by the Vice President for Clubs and Organizations, who is one of the seven members of the Student Government. This person serves as the link between the clubs and organizations of Central Washington University, the University administration, and the Student Government. Each club sends a senator to Club Senate meetings, which are held every other week in fall, winter, and spring quarters. Club Senate meetings serve the following purposes. First, Club Senate makes funds available to clubs for travel, conference registrations, hotel, advertising, room and equipment rentals, and guest speakers. Second, Club Senate is a body that takes stands on issues affecting or concerning the students of Central Washington University. Third, Club Senate is a body which upon taking a stand on a particular issue, works towards a satisfactory resolution of the problem. Club Senate should be utilized by your club to express and to get the support of your club’s concerns and issues. Fourth, it is an educational opportunity where mini-workshops are held to support clubs efficiency and success. Finally, it is a forum for you to share your club’s activities and advertise events.

About Funds Council

This is a subsidiary body of Club Senate that is designed to handle and review all funds requests made by clubs and organizations. The Treasurer for Club Senate chairs this body. All funds requests must go through Funds Council for review. If your club is non-religious/non-politically affiliated and is requesting less than $200, the Funds Council can automatically approve your request if it meets all guidelines. Larger amounts, up to 1,500, must be approved by both Funds Council and the voting Senators of Club Senate.



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