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Meet the Candidates

Presidential Candidates:

Yosef Gamble

My goal is to guarantee that every student has a voice in the BOD and in Olympia. Next year, we will face rising tuition costs, student fee hikes, and possibly losing our ROTC program. Tackling these issues will require a government that is fiscally responsible and actively engaged with the entire student body. As President, I will work with student-led committees to ensure that these standards are met and that your concerns are always the top priority. Furthermore, I will introduce a video series that will inform students about government policy. On the Student Technology Fee Council, I worked on several solutions that cut wasteful spending in the computer labs. So as President, I will work towards initiating several such cost saving measures starting from day one. Serving your student interests has been a remarkable experience and I hope that you will choose Yosef Gamble as your next BOD President.


Kathryn O'Neal

Hey Wildcats! My name is Kathryn O’Neal; I am running for ASCWU-BOD president. I am a Biochemistry/Political Science double major at Central. Over the past years I have been actively involved in many campus organizations, including president of both neuroscience and surgery club, as well as president of my past university in Ireland. Currently I am involved with the S&A committee as well as student conduct council. In 2011 I founded an aid organization which I serve as the current president. My involvement with a broad array of groups on campus has allowed me the opportunity to make connections throughout campus and the community to better understand the needs of our student body. My primary goal is to make Central a destination, with improved programs and more opportunities available to students and, above all, work to make your voice heard. Please vote for me, Kathryn O’Neal, as your next president.


Executive Vice President Candidates:

JD Charest

My goals for my office term are centered on the idea of Central In balance. A school of 10,000+ students has many different viewpoints and lifestyles, all of which are equally important in my eyes. It is my goal to ensure that every decision I make is one that will help empower and provide a positive college experience for every student attending this university in every form. The students make this university what it is. Without our involvement and our commitment to make our school, not just the Ellensburg campus but our satellite campuses and online experience as well, the type of institution that builds foundations for our careers and those of every future wildcat to come. As students we must balance many things in our hectic lives, it only makes sense that we have balance in our student government. Balance is what I can bring to the BOD.

Nick Shuey

My name is Nick Shuey and I am running for the Executive Vice President position here at Central Washington University. In working towards degrees in economics and finance, I can assure students that the active daily duties and long-term goals of the Board of Directors are accomplished through monitoring budgetary and monetary policies, one of the many important duties involved with this position. With experience in working alongside students domestically and from abroad, I have proven to students that I will always be able to make time to answer questions and provide resolutions for students here at Central. In voting for me, Nick Shuey, I pledge to establish these goals in the 2014-2015 school year in order to facilitate the benefits received for the student body in its entirety. 

Vice President for Student Life and Faculties Candidate:


Scott Kazmi 

This past year has been a huge learning experience for myself and the office I have worked in. This year has shown me that there are many partnerships and relationships that need to be defined and created. Athletics has a great potential to develop the Wellington mascot program; the new smoking policies and potential recycling programs need more guidance and development; and the non-traditional and transfer students need more programming that is targeted towards them. The Office of Vice President for Student Life and Facilities needs someone who can develop relationships quick or have those relationships already established.  I have great professional relationship developed with multiple different departments in the SURC, Facilities Management, Athletics and the Administration. One more year will let me improve these relationships and improve the image of the university. If you elect me, I will make sure that your voice is not just heard, but remembered. 

Robert Lane

Hello wildcats! My name is Rob Lane and as the Vice President of Student Life and Facilities, I know that I will be able to bring a much-needed new perspective to the ASCWU BOD. In the past year, the Student Life and Facilities budget was overspent, causing an already thin budget to be expanded even more. As an Accounting major, I know that I will be able to have the fiscal responsibility that the students need and deserve. I also believe that we should consider bringing in a mainstream entertainer on campus to give our student’s something to be excited about; it has been 3 years since Macklemore performed here. If elected, I hope to be an accountable student leader who is always working hard on the student’s behalf. Let’s make for a more exciting 2014-2015 school year, Vote Rob Lane for Vice President of Student Life and Facilities. 

Vice President of Club and Organizations Candidate:

Philip Rush

My name is Philip Rush and I have been working with clubs for over three years. I am currently the Events Coordinator for the Clubs and Organizations Office: In this capacity I have organized various events, helped clubs with fundraising and membership drives, and visited as many on campus clubs as possible. I have also worked as the Insurance Coordinator for Clubs and Organizations: This has given me a full understanding of the insurance and funds request processes present in the Clubs and Organizations Office. I have worked with the Club Accounting Office and understand their processes for funds reimbursement. I also serve as the Executive Board member for the College of the Sciences and the Representative for the Geology department in the Student Academic Senate. In short, I am the most qualified candidate for this position. Vote for me, Philip Rush, as your next V.P. of Clubs and Organizations.

Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs Candidate:

Spencer Biallas

My name is Spencer Biallas and I am interested in becoming V.P. of Equity and Community Affairs here at CWU. During my experience here, I have felt a warm and welcoming atmosphere. That is something that if I were to be elected, would enjoy to continue and improve upon. I believe that a strong sense of community is vital for personal growth socially, as well as intellectually. This, in my opinion, is done through proper organizing, cooperation, and articulation of ideas in a genuine, professional manner. If elected, I promise to work for the students of CWU at my fullest capabilities to ensure that every voice is heard and respected in an unbiased manner. 


Vice President of Academic Affairs Candidate:

Jennifer Treadway

As a student here I have become involved in the Student Academic Senate, representing the Political Science department, and have maintained an exemplary academic performance every quarter. As Vice President of Academic Affairs, I plan on raising student awareness about the happenings within student government. Our positions allow us to speak for the student body, but we cannot do that without the input of our fellow students. I am also very passionate about helping our students find scholarships, so as to soften the financial burden we all have to bear. I understand the consequences of college loans, because I do not qualify for financial aid. This is why I am motivated to help others find scholarships. Last year, $80,000 dollars in scholarships were not allocated to students because they were not applied for. As your Vice President of Academic Affairs I hope to help assure these funds to you. 

Vice President of Legislative Affairs Candidate:

Cassie DuBore

As your current VP for Legislative Affairs, I have the necessary experience to serve another term. I lobbied at state and federal levels, provided an opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in the democratic process, and stood behind students when our tuition was being negotiated. My passion for college affordability contributed to the statewide efforts that passed two major bills this year: The Washington State DREAM Act and the In-state Tuition for Veterans bill. These brand new laws will make college more accessible for a greater number of students. I plan to continue my work in higher education policy. Additionally, I plan to work with the incoming Executive Vice President to ensure that student fees are transparent.Together, we can continue the progress we’ve made over the past year. This is our Central experience. Re-elect Cassie DuBore as your VP for Legislative Affairs.