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ASCWU Student Government

Intent to Event Form

Utilize this form when you are thikning of planning any activity, showcase, fundraiser, gathering, display, that is open to more than just the members of your club.  

Name of the individual putting in this request.
Name of the group that you are submitting this form on behalf of.
The e-mail of the event requester.
Please input the dates for the event you are requesting.
Please input the dates for the event you are requesting.
Please list any possible locations that you are thinking of hosting your event (Locations will be subject to availability and can be altered and changed after the fact).
Select yes if you will charge attendees for their attendance. Select no if there is no charge.
Please select the most appropriate option(s)
Please list if you plan on bringing any performers, artists, speakers, clinicians, or any other outside parties to CWU for your event. *Note ANY CONTRACTS to bring outside individuals to Campus most be drafted by the CWU contracting office STUDENTS must not make any contracts verbal or otherwise with outside parties
Please describe if you plan on purchasing and giving out any items at this event. If you are not giving out any items please enter N/A
Use this field to discuss the content and purpose of the intended event

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