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Getting Your Club Recognized

Every year, each club must complete the recognition process, even if they were recognized the previous year. Overall, it is a simple process if the correct steps are followed. Here are some guidelines for your club to follow.

  • Follow this link to find the Club Recognition Packet.
  • Once you have downloaded and printed off the packet, please fill out, print, and submit the remaining paperwork. This includes:
  • 1) Having the Club Recognition Packet filled out COMPLETELY.
  • 2) Visiting the SURC Accounting Office.
  • 3) Visiting the SURC Scheduling Center.
  • 4) Visiting the Campus Life Office.
  • 5) Submit a typed Description of your club’s purpose, meeting times/location, activities, and membership.
  • 6) Submit a Constitution for approval by Scott Drummond.
  • 7) Appointing a Senator and Alternate Senator.
  • 8) Have 5 Officers and a signed Liability Waiver for each Officer (Note: a Club Officer cannot hold more than one officer position in a single club and must be a student.)
  • Please turn in all paperwork into the Clubs and Organization’s Box in SURC 236.
  • A club member will then need to attend a Public ASCWU- Student Government Meeting.
  • Your club will then be recognized for the rest of the academic school year.
  • In order to maintain good standing, be sure to have a representative (Senator) at the Club Senate Meetings, we do take attendance.
  • EVERY CLUB MUST TURN IN A CONSTITUTION TO SCOTT DRUMMOND. Click HERE for a sample of a constitution.

If there are any questions, please email Philip Rush, Vice President for Clubs and Organizations at or call at 509-963-1682