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Forms and Documents

Below you will find the relevant forms and documents for the 2014-2015 school year.


Student Academic Senate Meetings Before attending Student Academic Senate meetings, please familiarize yourself with the following documents:

Robert's Rules of Order

Student Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Note: The Student Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws have been revised and approved. The revised constitution will be enacted June 14, 2014.

Revised Student Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Serve as a Senator If you are interested in representing your academic department at SAS, either as a senator, alternate senator, or executive board member, please save this PDF on your computer, fill out this form, print the form, obtain the required signatures at the bottom of the page, and return to SURC 236. Thank you.

Senator Application Form 

Funds Requests

The following documents must be completed before you can request funds from SAS:

1. Student Academic Senate Funding Request Form

2. Funds Request attachment sample

3. Liability Waiver Form

4. Medical Release Form


Steps to completing a Student Academic Senate Funds Request

__ Review funds request packet with SURC Accounting in SURC 263. They will guide you through the packet and clarify which receipts and documents will be required for reimbursement.They will also assist with travel authorization set-up and processing, which MUST be completed prior to departure. 

__ Submit the following completed  forms and documents to Jennifer Treadway, VP for Academic Affairs.These forms must be returned 3 business days prior to the Executive Board meeting. Failure to complete this packet in its entirety, in the correct order, and by the correct deadlines will result in a denial of funding.

1. Funds Request Packet

2. Required information in formal memo format (see example above) including:
   - A written description of the event, signed by your department chair
   - All participant information (Name, SID, phone, email, mailing address)
   - Itinerary information

2. Liability Waiver (per each participant)

3. Medical Release Form (per each participant)

__ Attend an Executive board meeting during the month in which you are requesting funds. The Executive Board will review your packet and decide if your request falls within the Senate Constitution guidelines.  To be approved, the person requesting the funds must attend the Executive Board meeting.

__ Attend the Student Academic Senate meeting which follows the Executive Board meeting. SAS meets bi-monthly and all paperwork must be completed and approved prior to the event to receive funds.

After the event:

__ Report back to the Student Academic Senate at the first meeting following the event

__ Turn in all original relevant receipts to SURC Accounting within two weeks of the event. They will also assist with the preparation of the travel voucher, if applicable.

If at any time you have a question about the funding request process, please contact the Vice President of Academic Affairs.