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Equity and Community Organization Listings

Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

CWU FASA is all about bringing people together, raising awareness of Filipino culture and history, and eating good food. CWU FASA participates and helps puts events on like boo central, the ESC block parties, Laua, Filipino Culture Night (FCN), and  so much  more. Meetings are in black 202 at 7pm, times may change on a quarter bases.  For up to date information, join our group page on Facebook, just type in CWU FASA in the search box.

Access, Belonging, Learning, and Equality (ABLE)

ABLE provides a friendly environment on campus for students to advocate for and support campus members with disabilities. They do this through programs, meetings and social events.

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU aims to educate the campus community about the Black/African/African-American cultures. It also serves the purpose of providing a fun, engaging atmosphere for all students to take part in.

Equality through queers and allies (EQuAL)

EQuAL is a safe space, where no assumptions are made, and everyone is welcome regardless of their background, identify, ability or status. EQuAL is a place on campus to build community, focus on diversity and social justice, and promote political change.

Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA)

MEChA is formed to bring unity to Chicano students. MEChA constantly fights for the rights of students, staff and faculty. It also promotes Chicano Studies and the self determination of the Chicano community.


ROTARACT consists of non-discriminatory members who facilitate and organize community service and outreach programs within the community and campus.



Previously Recognized Organizations 

Native American Student Association (NASA)

Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)

Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP)

First Generation Student Organization (FGSO)